Grimm “Good to the Bone” Review

Grimm “Good to the Bone” Review

grimm good to the bone

In this episode, we see the terrifyingly disgusting actions of a new Wesen called a Barbatus Ossifrage and even more danger ensues as it captures Wu. The episode opens with a glimpse back to a really random scene, which made me think I missed an episode or was watching the wrong one. The scene is a flashback to when Hank was trying to date his physical therapist, Zuri, who also happens to be Wesen. The new episode opens up with an extremely inebriated man wandering to his car and muttering about DUIs and not driving. He climbs into his car and drivers erratically all over the road until he drives himself into a tree.

We then flash to Nick walking the room as Adalind is working on cases from work. They go back and forth exchanging pleasantries but there’s a chill in the air. They kiss and end up making out.

The man is seen staggering toward some homeless people begging for help. He collapses and they ignore him and run away. Someone arrives, takes all his things out of his pockets, throws them in the woods and drags the body off.

Hank is shopping in the store and runs into Zuri, the Wesen he wanted to date. She apologizes and asks him to dinner. He agrees. There is a bit of unease in the air. We don’t know if Zuri is actually interested in Hank again or if she has an alternate agenda. You never know with the influence of Black Claw in Portland.

In probably one of the more disgusting scenes in Grimm, the person who dragged off the drunk man lays his body in the road and runs it over repeatedly. The sounds and blood are insane in this scene. Once he runs the body over, an appendage comes from his throat and goes down the throat of the drunk man, and he begins sucking out stuff. So gross!

The man wanders back to a camper and sees these older people in a camper and he woges, then the camera pans out and we don’t see anything more.

grimm good to the boneThe theme of this episode must be disgusting. Wu has woken up feeling weird and he is gagging on something. He runs to the sink and pulls out a chunk of bloody flesh with hair. I swear to you, I could’ve thrown up right there. Nick makes his way into the station and Hank tells him of his run in with Zuri.

Eve goes to visit Rosalee in the spice shop and asks her about Adalind and if Nick knows she is a Hexenbiest again. Rosalee tells her no and then asks Eve about what she said to Adalind about Nick. Eve says that she could sense Rosalee in the tunnels and that soon, Adalind would be stronger and able to as well, if she did that again.

grimm good to the bone

Nick, Hank and Wu are at the scene of a particularly odd body that has had all the bone removed from its body. It is just a mound of flesh. They try to get finger prints but have no luck until they are back at the station. They get a hit on the finger prints once they are back at the station. They identify the man as a known drunk, Kevin Carl Salesky. Wu is writing and his hand starts to transform into a wolf like hand, he has flashbacks to running in the woods and he falls to the floor. He says he is fine and says he just didn’t eat anything. At the park, they find his car crashed and they go check out the area. Hank runs into a known criminal, Pinky. They find Kevin’s things in the park and head to the medical examiner who obviously can’t explain how this person has no bones.

Pinky is back in the park and ends up being shot. As he is bleeding the Wesen smells the blood and heads to Pinky. He drags him off and does the same thing he did to Kevin. The Wesen heads back to the camper and we find out the older people are his parents. We find out the Wesen’s name is Charlie. They tell him he is such a good boy for taking care of them and that they are so hungry. He woges and the appendage comes out of his mouth again as his parents woge as well and the appendage goes down their throats. SO GROSS!

Hank visits Zuri for dinner, where she asks about Nick and if they still work together. Again, who knows if she is actually interested in Hank or is using him for information to help Black Claw.

Nick and Adalind are in bed and Adalind tells Nick that she was contacted by Renard about Diana and Black Claw. She promises Nick to tell him if she hears from him again.

Back in the precinct, Nick and Hank get a call about Pinky and that he was found the same way. They then head to Rosalee and Monroe’s to check the books to see what kind of Wesen they have on their hands. They find out they have a Wesen called a Barbatus Ossifrage, who doesn’t kill people unless they are already dying. They can smell death and use that to hunt. The team decides someone needs to appear dead and use the death perfume that Rosalee cooks up. Of course it is Monroe, so Rosalee starts on the perfume.

We then flash to Adalind getting a call from Renard to meet him. He will then send her a text message of where to meet him. We wonder if she is going to tell Nick at all even though she promised it. Eve is then monitoring things at the headquarters and sees that people have died and that somehow Diana is connected to it. Eve actually shows a face of concern.

Rosalee is busy mixing the perfume and the guys get a whiff of it and it is terrible. As they guys head out, Rosalee gets a call from Adalind and she asks her to watch Kelly while she goes to a meeting. We know it is with Renard, but she doesn’t tell Rosalee that. grimm good to the bone


Hank, Nick, Wu and Monroe head to the park where the Barbatus Ossifrage is finding his victims. Monroe lays on the ground and sprays himself with the perfume. They wait for the Barbatus Ossifrage.

Adalind drops off Kelly and Rosalee asks about her and Nick. Adalind says she keeps freezing up when she tries to tell Nick. She leaves Kelly and says she has her cell phone and that she we will back in a few hours.

He arrives, but Wu was distracted by a dog and woged into a wolf creature and chased the dog, fell and has a bleeding headwound. Charlie is then distracted and finds Wu. He drags Wu away and gets in his car to run him over, but the guys arrive just in time. They chase Charlie and he is hit by a truck and dies.

Adalind greets Renard in a creepy parking garage and he apologizes as she is shot in the neck with a needle and passes out.

Nick and Hank go tell Charlie’s parents of his death. They have to come and ID the body at the morgue. They see their son and begin to cry and ask for a few minutes alone. The parents decide that Charlie wouldn’t want it to go to waste, so they begin to suck out his bones. Nick and Hank hear from the hallway and decide not to interfere.

Adalind awakes and she is in a chair in the parking garage. She gets angry and then sees Diana. Diana runs to her telling Adalind that she missed her. Adalind gets a fierce look in her eye and holds on to Diana tightly.

This episode wasn’t one of my favorites just because of the random addition of Zuri again and the Wesen scenes were a little too bloody and gross. Who knows what Zuri’s real motive is but I definitely think she is up to no good and working for Black Claw. There also was no development on the stick or what they are going to do. I’m really trying to fight for Nick and Adalind but I really feel the writers are going to pull her back into being with Renard because of Diana.


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