Grimm “Key Move” Review by Ashley Menzel

Grimm “Key Move” Review by Ashley Menzel


All the craziness in all the world and it happens to our friends on Grimm. I applaud whoever it was that decided to get back with the “key” storyline. It had a great deal of potential and I don’t know why they abandoned it in the first place, but I digress.

In this episode, Nick and Monroe are off to Germany and the Black Forest to discover where the keys lead. In their travels they encounter a church mouse wesen who seems none too excited to see a Grimm in the church. As they search, the mouse informed the Wesen priest that Nick is a Grimm. They are so close to finding the church but end up in a collapsed hole in the ground and we are stuck waiting for next week’s episode and the answer to what hole they’ve fallen into now.


Meanwhile, back in Portland, the would be mayor Dixon is assassinated while standing next to Renard by the crazy killer, Marwan who Meisner has been tracking. Everyone is frantically looking for the shooter and Renard is holding onto Dixon, hoping it makes it through.


This episode ended with a whole lot of suspense and not a whole lot of answers. Nick and Monroe are stuck in a hole in Germany and Renard is holding a bleeding potentially dead man, and we are all left wondering what are Nick and Monroe going to find in the Black Forest that is so important.

I personally love the storylines that are deeply rooted in history. I think it adds more of a level of realism to the stories and how it might actually all be true. We can only hope, right?

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