Grimm “Lost Boys” Review

Grimm “Lost Boys” Review by Ashley Menzel

We open to an all too familiar scene with the wildlife of Portland and a frightened female running. She is running from these children, who call her mother. She falls down the hill and hits her head, killed instantly. The four children are looking over her and run away once someone finds her body. This is where Nick and Hank are brought into the mess and begin to investigate this woman’s death.


It turns out that the children are Wesen orphans who live together in the woods. They don’t know what they actually are and are just looking for a mother to care for them. They had kidnapped this woman and kept her tied up to help them for two years. Newly orphaned once again, the children set out to find a replacement mother and wander into the spice shop. Rosalee catches them trying to steal but shows them kindness. They return this kindness by coming to kidnap Rosalee. Monroe is furious and they track the children to their lair in the forest. They rescue Rosalee and the children are sent to Child Protective Services.

There is a dark turn when it shows the boys being greeted by a man who uses the same slogan that the woman who jumped from a window in the previous episode used, “Occultatem Libera.” These children have become the latest recruits in this building resistance or battle.

Renard is briefed by Meisner, on the death of the King, who is also consequently the person holding Trubel. We finally get a glimpse of Trubel and see that she, for now, is still alive. Who’s side is he on anyway?!

grimm new house

Meanwhile, Nick has decided to move from his house because he no longer feels safe. He, Adalind and Kelly move into a very secure and depressing warehouse. It is very secure and isolated so Nick feels they are safe. Adalind is not sleeping well so she asks Nick to sleep with her and Kelly for the night. He does and so ignites our interest in the Nick-lind / Ada-ck match.

There are so many exciting plot points and storylines at work. Every episode inches us closer and closer to the mysteries at hand. Grimm continues to up the ante and keep the audience engaged, exciting and enticed for more tales and trials of the Grimm and his Wesen friends.

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