Grimm “Maiden Quest” Review

Grimm “Maiden Quest” Review : Chivalry is not dead, but someone will be!

In the latest episode of Grimm, Nick and Adalind continue to get closer as a “couple?” while Nick and Hank are investigating the attempted murder of a club owner, where a man in an animal suit murders the attacker.

Grimm Maiden Quest

Daniel Troyer, in an old Wesen tradition by Weten Ogen, calls upon three men to make a maiden quest to win the hand of his daughter, Emily. The three men select a feather to see who draws the shortest to go first. The men must kill the man who killed Troyer’s son, Frankie Atkins. After several attempts by the suitors to kill Frankie, there is a twist on who the murder actually is.

Meanwhile, Nick is investigating the secret tunnels of his new home, when he discovers a mysterious door that he must open. Who knows where that may lead and what things they will find.

Grimm Maiden Quest

There is a particularly interesting scene where Adalind needs Nick to bring her clothes, and there is a “is he into her?” moment where we wonder what Nick is really thinking while Adalind is standing there in only a towel.

In wonderful Grimm tradition, we end the episode with a crashed motorcycle and an injured Trubel outside of Nick’s home and no clue how she got there. How did she know where he was? Did she track him? Did she escape?

For this episode, I was not as interested in the actual crime that was committed. The previous episodes had a much more engaging story than this one did. I’d like some quicker development with what is going on with Trubel. I hope they spend the majority of the rest of the season on that storyline.


Rating B+

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