Grimm “Map of the Seven Knights” Review

Grimm “Map of the Seven Knights” Review by Ashley Menzel

Well, shit. Someone remembered about those damn keys! WOOO! I loved that storyline but why did it take them until Season 5 to bring them back.

grimmMonroe gets a call from his Uncle Felix in Germany who has discovered some old Grimm books from a Grimm who passed away. He asked Monroe to ask Nick if he is interested in buying them from him. Monroe tells his uncle that Nick is interested. The woman who gave the books to Felix is found murdered and Uncle Felix flees Germany with books in tow. He surprises Monroe and Rosalee and they call Nick immediately.

Nick checks out the one book that Uncle Felix brought. It turns out that the book is extremely old and are just like the books that Nick lost in the fire at the trailer. Uncle Felix gives Nick 24 hours to come up with $100,000 for the books. As Nick is trying to figure this out, he gets call for a body that was discovered. It turns out to be Uncle Felix. He was murdered and Nick has to break the news to Monroe and bring him to the scene of the crime to help.

They discover that Uncle Felix had a shipment coming in and that the Anubi who killed Uncle Felix were after it. Nick and Monroe head to the shipping port and meet up with the Anubi. In a violent rage, Monroe takes out both of the Anubi and he and Nick take the crate of books back to the spice shop. They open it and discover a wonder of Grimm books, including a book that details ever single lineage of Grimms that are known. If this fell it into the wrong hands, it could be very dangerous. They discover a false bottom to the box and there are a ton of Grimm weapons as well. This is amazing!


While everyone is looking at the books, Monroe is fascinated by the crate, and discovers a hidden compartment where there are hidden three of the keys from Season 1 that could help to complete the map! The story says that there is buried something in the Black Forest in Germany and the keys put together form the map. Nick and the gang are headed to Germany!

This episode was really exciting because it introduced the books and a point of reference for Nick again and opened a lot of options with the Grimm family tree lines. There is a lot that could happen with those. They also finally bring back the keys and whole new adventure for the group to go on. This is going to be an exciting few episodes before the season finale.


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