Grimm “Rat King” Review

Grimm “Rat King“ Review: Rats! 

Grimm Rat King

When two men are found in the back of a pick up truck in a cornfield… someone writes a country song. Just kidding, Nick and Hank show up to investigate their murder. This bring them to the Rat king, a legend where rat Wesen forming together to make one giant rat king in order to defend themselves. Nick, Hank, Rosalee, Monroe all end up facing up against the Rat King.

Grimm Rat King

But what everyone really wants to know about is what happened to Trubel? Nick takes her to the hospital where she is being treated. The nurse and doctor turn out to be the ones hunting her down. Meisner contacts Adalind by coming to their home and convinces her to let him talk to Nick and get the location of the hospital where Trubel is being treated. They arrive just in time and face off with the Wesen in a pretty awesome fight scene in the hospital basement. Meisner and Nick make a pretty team.

Grimm Rat King

We still have so many questions to be answered with what Trubel is actually doing, who is she working for and who is hunting her down and why? We also are waiting patiently as Nick and Adalind seem to be getting closer and closer. It isn’t Juliet, but hey, Nick deserves to be happy too! With Meisner back in the picture, Adalind may have a choice coming in the near future. Also, what is going on with Diana and what is she up to?


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