Grimm “The Taming of the Wu” Review

Grimm “The Taming of the Wu”

grimm taming wu review

Grimm “The Taming of the Wu”: FINALLY the team finds out what is going on with Wu and we get some answers as to why this is happening to him!

The episode starts with Nick and Hank checking in on Wu at the hospital while they run tests to make sure he is okay. There is a really weird like buddy banter back and forth that seems really out of place and awkward. It doesn’t seem to fit the characters. They ask him what he remembers, and it isn’t much. When Nick and Hank leave, there is a man in the waiting room who is watching Wu and calls someone giving an update on his location and telling the person that he is in the hospital.

Meisner is on the search for some clues as to where Diana may be. He enters a home to find two people dead and is attacked. Luckily Trubel is there to save the day and she kills the men. We get a nice shot of Meisner with his shirt off, which is out of the blue, but nice nonetheless. They decide they need to find out who these people are so Trubel takes the one guys hand that she severed. Meisner comments on how things are going to get ugly.

Adalind and Diana are reuniting and Diana asks when Adalind will come. She gets very demanding and frankly very scary. She causes the panels on the warehouse to shake and one flies off and almost decapitates someone. It’s frightening and she’s a little crazy girl. Adalind tells her that she just needs more time. Diana grabs Sean’s hand and they walk away, leaving Adalind in the warehouse alone.

Sean takes Diana back and tucks her into bed. Diana tells Sean she misses her mommy. Sean says that he loves her and goodnight. Diana is weirdly silent. What a creepy creepy little girl. Sean heads dowgrimm taming wu reviewnstairs and meets with Conrad Bonaparte. He discusses Adalind and Diana and he talks about manipulating Adalind, telling Sean that he is making sure Adalind knows she has no choice but to come with Sean and Diana. He asks about Nick and his relationship with him. Conrad tells Sean he must convince Nick to join Black Claw and that there is no other choice.

Adalind is sleeping and is awoken by Diana’s voice and what appears to be Diana standing at her bed. She disappears and Adalind sees that Nick is up holding a crying Kelly. Nick looks so cute with his bleary eyes and holding Kelly. Adalind puts him back to bed. She tells Nick they need to talk. She finally tells Nick that she has gotten her powers back and by his reaction, she knew that he already knew. He tells her that he is just relieved that she told him. Nick assures Adalind he would never hurt her and take her from Kelly. Adalind promises the same.

Nick goes to meet Zuri again and they have dinner together.

Back at the hospital, a nurse goes to check on Wu and he woges into something and scares her half to death. She brings the other doctors back into the room and Wu is normal again.

Back to Hank waking up with Zuri: She asks him if he is okay with their relationship and again asks about Nick. Afterwards Nick and Hank go to see Wu and his is discharged. They take him home and after that he tells them he has been having weird dreams. They suggest he go to see Rosalee and see if she can help.

Adalind is back at work and Diana comes to her in a vision again. She is demanding Adalind come home now. Adalind and Eve both suddenly in separate places go into severe pain. Diana accidentally connects with Eve and she yells at her and says you’re not my mommy. She tells Meisner and Trubel what happened and they decide that Nick should know.

grimm taming wu review

Wu is left at his apartment and accidentally cuts his hand, which changes into a dog-like paw. He decides to call Rosalee and tells them he will be right over. On his way, he sees a guy sitting in the truck and instead of heading to his car; Wu walks to see if he is being followed. He realizes it is a repeat customer of the precinct, Theo. Theo woges and attacks Wu.

Nick and Hank get called to the scene where Theo’s body is found. While at the scene, Rosalee calls Nick to say she’s worried because Wu never showed up at the spice shop. They decide to check on him and he is covered in blood. They then take him right to Rosalee. They use a potion to get him to remember. During his trance, he remembers killing Theo and he woges while everyone is watching him. Everyone is shocked. They tell Wu they will look for something to help him.

Nick checks with Hadrian’s Wall about Theo and they confirm that he was part of Black Claw. Hello! Anyone else saying DUH HANK. ZURI. She’s after you.

grimm taming wu reviewConrad shows up at Adalind’s office to threaten her and Kelly and says she must decide tonight to join them. Nick arrives home to find a note from Adalind:

grimm taming wu review

“I’m doing something I have to do. I don’t expect you to ever understand, but it’s the only way to protect my children. And I don’t expect you to believe this, but I love you. I’m sorry.” The rest of the words fade away except “I have to protect you,” and then all fade away.

Now I’m Team Adalind and Nick 1,000 %! Go Adalind!

grimm taming wu review

A lot has developed in this episode; Adalind is now forced into Black Claw. I’m not convinced she’s 100% in and may have something up her sleeve. It’d be nice to see a little of the crazy Adalind from previous seasons but have it pertain to her protecting Nick and her children from Black Claw.

Trubel is back and I’m sure will be in a great deal of the season finale. She always has some kick ass moves.

What’s the deal with Eve being connected to Diana? That’s odd but could prove really helpful.

Doesn’t anyone else want to smack the bejesus out of Zuri and her smart little smirk? UGH. We finally see confirmation that she is working with Black Claw, so are they attacking all of Nick’s friends and family? Are Rosalee and Monroe next? I think they’ve had enough craziness with Monroe being kidnapped by crazy people then Rosalee being kidnapped by Wesen children. Speaking of those children, are we going to see them in the season finale from when Black Claw alluded to them being child soldiers?

What is going to happen to Wu? Can Rosalee find something that can cure him, especially if he isn’t Wesen?

AHH! I can’t wait for the next episode!

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