Grimm “Trust Me Knot” Review

Grimm “Trust Me Knot” Review


*This review may contain spoilers.*

Thankfully, this episode starts right off where the last one ended. We are at Bud’s place, and the police have them surrounded. Just as they are ready to breach, Wu and Hank roll up and arrest Renard on charges of murder for Rachel. It wasn’t enough to give people a chance to get out. The police come in, and everyone puts their hands in the air. They try to take the stick from Nick and it sends a shockwave and knocks all the policemen out. Nick can get everyone safely away, but now we have to further question the powers behind the stick.

While Renard is in jail, they smuggle Nick back to the tunnels where he can hide. Meanwhile, Renard is using his connections to better his situation in jail. He calls Adalind to help him to get out of this murder charge. Nick and Adalind come up with the idea of using a Trust Me Knot to make sure both parties keep their word, Nick will let Adalind testify on Renard’s behalf, and Renard will drop charges against Nick. Once this happens, we get a glimpse of how deep Renard’s connections go and how difficult the battle is going to be for Nick. Of course, it doesn’t work out the way we all would hope, and we are left with yet another big cliffhanger at the end of the episode. 

While Adalind is helping Nick and Renard, Diana is at the spice shop with Monroe and Rosalee. Eve brings the cloth, and they try to figure out what it says. Dianna comes down and says she can see it. She draws the symbols down, and no one knows where they are from or what they mean. The puzzle deepens. To top that all off, Nick is having episodes with the stick where it seems to possess him and he is obsessed.

The best line of the episode goes to Bud when he says “that guy is a dick” about Renard.

This particular episode had a lot going on and a lot of jumping back and forth which didn’t keep my interest as the previous episodes have. I think they were working hard to set up our next episode.

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