Grimm “Wesen Nacht” Review by Ashley Menzel

Grimm “Wesen Nacht”

The latest Grimm episode, “Wesen Nacht” left me speechless. Totally and completely speechless, which is why this review has taken so long to write. Trubel is safe with Nick and Adalind and they begin to talk about who she’s has been working for over the past few months. It is a government agency that is dedicated to fighting the underground war against Wesen that is happening worldwide.


Trubel and Adalind actually get the chance to talk to each other and when Trubel brings up Meisner, Adalind’s face lights up. I wonder where they are going to go next with this. Will Adalind fall for Meisner or is she just excited thinking that he could help her to get Diana back for good?


In organized attack on Wesen businesses throughout Portland, a terrorist group known as Occultus Liberare, has taken and interest in finding Monroe. We are not quite sure why, but in the process, they kill someone and kidnap a friend of Monroe and Rosalee’s to find him. I think it is safe to assume that the goal of this group is that they are trying to pin humans against Wesen. Monroe even tells Nick of famous chaotic events in history that were actually the fault of Wesen fighting and not what humans previous thought.


When Monroe’s friend miraculously returns and provides Nick and Hank information about where to find his captors, Monroe volunteers to assist Nick, Hank, Wu and Captain Renard to raid the abandoned warehouse. I smelled trouble a mile away! It was a set up and the guys ended up pinned down in an office of the warehouse, surrounded by Wesen, only to be saved by a mystery person outside. The noise and fighting stops and Nick ventures out to check who this mystery savoir is and it is JULIETTE! *JAW DROP* She’s NOT dead?!


So much craziness is afoot in this episode of Grimm, which left us screaming and wanting more! Grimm knows just how to push our buttons and get us going. I can’t wait for the next episode.



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