iZombie “Blue Bloody” Episode Review

iZombie “Blue Bloody” Episode Review

In this episode of iZombie, Liv has to eat the brain and an extremely wealthy older woman and try to figure out which one of the housekeepers or hired hands killed her. At first, everyone says she was a sweet woman, but as Liv begins to take on more and more of this repulsive woman’s personality, Liv and Clive know this is not the case. They must figure out who killed her and why? The great thing is under the New Seattle, Liv can talk openly about her visions, and it works to their advantage.

This episode was a lot of fun to watch, and Liv in this character is hilarious. Playing this upper-class pain in the ass woman is not something I had pictured Liv doing, but it is just a testament to the incredible talents of Rose McIver. Clive and Ravi have a rather unusual conversation about Clive’s intimacy issues with Bozzio. Despite the humor, we still have the looming darkness of Angus and his army working together to raise Hell, the anti-zombie terrorist group and Fillmore-Graves all too pressing military presence, making it a much more tense season overall.

Personally, Liv and Major have rekindled their sexual relationship anyway and things are going well until Major is forced to decide between his friends and Fillmore-Graves. Despite her awful personality, she still had a heart. Knowing that the murder’s son is sick and needs to get out of Seattle to receive the care he needs, Liv and Ravi sneak him out. They are stopped at the border by Major, and at the point, he has to choose. He lets them through, but they end up in a huge argument and end their relationship based on a difference of opinion on Fillmore-Graves and their rules of governing.

I can’t wait to see more of what happens with Ravi and his transitions back and forth between being a zombie and not. I think it will play a significant role later in the season. As for Liv and Major, I hope they mend their relationship since everyone wants them to end up together. I’d also like to see a lot of Blaine and Angus in this season since they have such a strained relationship. We don’t know how Angus will react to seeing Blaine. As for Peyton, I don’t know how much of a role she will play in this season since she seems to be off doing her own thing. All I know is that the cast and creators have a wild ride in store for us in Season 4.

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