iZombie “Conspiracy Weary” Review

iZombie “Conspiracy Weary” Review

This episode starts off right where we ended the last episode. Liv and Blaine are heading to take out Harley Johns and his band of followers and help Ravi and Don E in the process. We get a few scenes of some fun kickassery, but surprisingly it is only a small portion of the episode. At the compound, Liv eats the brain of one of the followers, who turns out to be a conspiracy nuts and the rest of the episode featuring Liv is pretty funny.

We focus back on the Weckler case and Peyton trying to figure out what is going on and who is behind this murder. Meanwhile, Baracus is getting closer and closer to becoming the mayor as the race continues. Peyton discovers that Weckler’s daughter is also a zombie, which feeds into the theory that Baracus was somehow involved with the murder of James Weckler.

Major and Shauna are getting hot and heavy until Liv finds something that shows Major that maybe Shauna isn’t with Major for the right reasons. Poor Major is once again left alone and depressed, with his life uncontrollably spiraling. I have the haunting feeling that we will say goodbye to Major very soon and it will be devastating for the fans of the show.

Liv and Clive work to find Harley Johns, the only one to escape the attack. In pursuit of Harley, Fillmore Graves sets to attack what they believe is the place they can find Harley. Liv has a vision that tells them its a trap. She tries to warn them but not before two Fillmore Graves soldiers are killed. When Liv and Clive find Harley, he is not in a state they expect. Liv also has a vision confirming that Harley did not kill Wally and his family. We are left with a lot of questions, and a zombie hunter turned zombie. This could go a lot of crazy ways.

Ravi and his reporter friend witness Liv and Blaine taking on the compound and she is spooked. She does return to Ravi to ask some questions, and to Ravi’s surprise, we end the episode with a front page cover outting zombies in Seattle. This gives us a lot of hope for the last few episodes of iZombie before the season ends. There are a lot of loose ends that need tying.

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