iZombie “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain” Review

iZombie “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain” Review

Probably one of my least favorite episodes this season sees Liv transform into a player and a wingman for hire. This results in obnoxious sexualizing behavior and a lot of really unfunny moments. Liv is trying to solve the murder of a man who manipulated women into sleeping with him and his clients. Meanwhile, as Clive struggles to cope with his open relationship with Dale, Liv inserts herself into the situation after Ravi asks Clive to go out looking for a date.

At Fillmore Graves, things are getting more and more difficult as they are struggling to feed the zombies and keep control over the people in Seattle, both zombie, and human. Chase appoints Major to help him investigate the leak in the brain tubes, and that puts Major in a position to work with someone he doesn’t trust to investigate further. This puts his morals and judgment to the test and in a terrible position. Maybe Major is starting to see the danger of Fillmore Graves and the order that he has fought to save.

In a crazy turn of events, Liv and Levon end up at the Brother Love church where Liv finds out precisely who Brother Love is. Seeing that what he does helps keep the zombies that the smugglers are creating fed, this places Liv in a challenging position where she knows that Blaine’s father is indeed no good, but also must keep these people she is bringing into Seattle fed. This could set up an interesting dynamic and shift in the relationship between Liv and Blaine.

Apparently Ravi and Peyton are back on again, which wasn’t made SUPER evident in the previous episode, so it felt much like a bit of a jump, but either way, I love them together. Romantic relationship wise for the rest of the cast and season, I think that Major’s relationships will be limited as he will be consumed by what is going on over at Fillmore Graves.  Clive and Dale will continue to struggle until it either ends or Clive is turned into a zombie. For Liv, I’m sure we will see more development between Levon and her at which point, Rob Thomas will either a). Shoot him in the head, b). have his head smash by the zombie guillotine or c). Something equally as terrible that we won’t see coming and will shatter our heart into a million pieces because he can’t just let Liv be happy. GOD, ROB!

Either way, we will continue to fall in love with iZombie. Despite having a few weaker episodes such as this, iZombie continues to be hilarious and riddled with social commentary delivered in the most unique package.

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