iZombie “Eat a Knievel” Review

iZombie “Eat a Knievel” Review

iZombie: Opening with a BANG, after a meeting with Vivian at Fillmore Graves, Liv, Major, and Clive are leaving when the helicopter carrying Vivian explodes midair. They see this as an act against the zombies and set out to infiltrate the zombie hunters group headed by Harley Johns. Ravi and Liv will go undercover to a meeting.

Blaine heads to one of the zombie friends he has and asks him to scratch him and tell him where he is getting his new brains from. Back at the Scratching Post, Blaine’s dad seems to be scheming something to do with Fillmore Graves once he realizes that they are zombies and have zombies in the ranks.

The brain that Liv must eat is from an adrenaline junkie, Finn Invisible. It seems that someone switched the suit that he was supposed to wear for one that was not flame retardant. Needless to say that it is beyond obnoxious as she tries to help with the investigation. Her and Ravi are bonding over it when she has a vision that involves his friend Rudy. It turns out that he slept with Rudy’s girlfriend as a prank.

Liv decides to give Justin the same brain as here, and they end up doing foolish stuff together such as throwing lawn darts in the air and making out in a park when Liv has a vision of the suit before the stunt. They head off to Rudy’s house to check out where the props are made and see that Rudy’s wife has a baby that resembles Finn, not Rudy.

Blaine calls and threatens Don E despite the fact that he is supposed to be dead. Don E tells Blaine’s dad, and he goes ballistic and sends them on a trip to find and kill Blaine. Blaine makes a surprise visit to his dad and ends up killing his men and taking revenge on his father in a particularly sinister way. He moves to take over the business with the help of Don E.

Back at Fillmore Graves, the group is partying and Chase Graves, the person who follows up Vivian. He is hardcore and shoots Justin for stealing Super Maxx for the party. This puts a whole new perspective for Major so he may not be able to continue at Fillmore Graves. Liv and Ravi infiltrate the meeting for the zombie hunters. When they get there, they realize that they are checking blood pressure and Liv can’t make it. Ravi has to go in on his own, and that’s all we get.

It was great to see Jason Dohring on the show, particularly since a huge Veronica Mars fan. This episode continues to set up a lot of great stuff. I don’t know if I like the way the last two shows are edited storywise. I think they could’ve been better paced and given us a little more. I guess they operate on the “leave them wanting more” principle.


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