iZombie “Eat, Pray, Liv” Review

iZombie “Eat, Pray, Liv” Review

This episode of iZombie tackles a lot of issues and storylines at the same time. We start off with the investigation of a murder Zen mindful master. Liv and Clive must investigate to see who murdered this seemingly zen person. Major is continuing his training at Fillmore Graves but is struggling to keep up as his health starts to deteriorate. Blaine is working as a lounge singer at a local bar, and we luckily get to hear him sing multiple times during the episode. A real treat for the audience.

While doing the autopsy, Katty Kupps, Ravi’s old boss is back. She is still investigating the various unusual cases that she has been sent. The bodies have human brains in their stomach, and their flesh has been dead longer than it should’ve been. She is there to head the investigation.

Peyton agrees to help Blaine with a meeting about his father’s will. Once she arrives, she learns that it is his father there. Ravi tries to talk to Peyton and repair their relationship, but in the end, he ends up messing it up royally.

During his training, Major becomes close to another zombie named Justin. They have a lot in common, and Justin helps Major to feel better about his progress. Major continues to search for Natalie when he feels like his time is numbered. He asks Blaine for his help, and Blaine comes through with information on the person who may be holding Natalie.

While the team is off doing their thing, Angus and Don-E are busily working to start their business and create a fool-proof method for keeping their secret from the humans. When faced with taking Blaine’s clients, Angus tells Don E that he needs to go and make new ones. This creates a bigger problem for everyone else involved, including Fillmore Graves.

Clive, Liv, Ravi, Major and Blaine all meet at the morgue to discuss the dire nature of Major’s condition. They try to convince Blaine to take the memory serum, and in the process, Ravi gets emotional and finally tells Peyton he is in love with her. Blaine agrees to take the serum and Ravi injects him.

At the end of the episode, the group goes to see Blaine sing at the lounge. Don E happens to walk by and appears to be nostalgic and regret leaving Blaine. This could go some fun places.

This episode had a lot of emotional moments for Major and showed his love for Liv hadn’t gone away. There are some sweet moments in this episode that has you rooting for Major and Liv to end up back together. I hope that Liv’s history of boyfriend drama doesn’t claim Major next. They always seem to kill her love interests! This episode has sent into motion some really interesting storylines and has the potential to be even more amazing. iZombie, always keeping me on my toes!

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