iZombie “Some Like It Hot Mess” Review

iZombie “Some Like It Hot Mess” Review

Many questions are swirling in our head since Major was forced to take the cure and the fate of the zombies are in the balance. This episode didn’t advance the story for Fillmore Graves but did give us much development with our main characters. Major is enjoying the benefits of the cure while eating ice cream and Ravi continues to monitor his memory.


This episode Liv has to eat the brain of a girl who everyone considered a hot mess. During that time, she was completely irritating and intolerable. While in the morgue, Ravi is confronted by Don E to see if he would sell the cure to a trust fund baby who doesn’t want to be a zombie anymore. Ravi refused to do it, and Don E left. In Liv’s selfishness, she left the ingredients for Ravi’s memory cure at the apartment and kept forgetting to get the serum ingredients. Worst of all, she wasn’t watching Major, and he wandered off. Unsure of his memory status, they panicked.

Peyton finally got the truth from Blaine that he has been faking the memory loss. It happens for a few days, and then the memories come back. It is great news that the cure works, Major will be okay, and Liv can finally become human again. The hope is real until they realize the cure is stolen from the morgue and they are left with the one syringe that Major had. They wait for Major to arrive home from visiting his mother.

Meanwhile, we see that Blaine is back to being his usual jerk self when he is seen drinking a martini and working to mix the ingredients of the memory serum that Liv left on the printer. Major finally arrives home, and they ask him about the other syringe, and he appears devastated to tell Liv that he gave it away to someone else. They don’t reveal who, but we the audience know that it was the zombie hooker he promised to save when he could.

This sets up the next episode to be crazy. Between Blaine and Don E, we don’t know who stole the cure. The preview for next week’s episode is intense, and I can’t wait to see what happens. Since iZombie was renewed for a 4th season, we know that this won’t be the end of the zombies in Seattle and for that, we are grateful.


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