Supernatural: Keep Calm and Carry On Review


Our story picks up right where we left off.  Dean is with Mary and she has no idea she’s in the future.  After revealing personal information and explaining what has happened since she died, they head out together to travel back to the bunker.  No mother would want to believe they haven’t been in their children’s lives for 33 years.

We cut to Cass rocketing to Earth after being cast out.  Streaking like a meteor he crashes through a billboard and lands creating a crater in the ground.  He has his usual odd interaction with a human and sets off on his journey back to the bunker.

Toni brings Sam to a vet to have his leg fixed after shooting him and then she chains him up in a basement.  Her group has been watching the Winchester’s for years she claims.  Sam wants to know where they were all those times they were in trouble..  Toni explains that while some may have wanted to intervene, they were being held back by “the old man” who believed they would be overstepping.  After everything with The Darkness it is decided things need to change.  She claims to be there to help.  I can’t help but remember that she’s just shot Sam and taken him from the bunker by force. This is not someone who would easily earn my trust.

sam-torturedToni begins torturing Sam because he has refused to cooperate.  She believes the Winchester’s to be dangerous and carless,  not heroes.  Toni explains her group has had a lot of success in Britain because they plan and study the law.  They use this against evil. They have warded all over and know as soon as a monster steps foot onto their land.  Toni claims they’ve had no monster related deaths since 1965.  Their goal is to  work with hunters  in the United States to make America safe.  I can’t imagine tying up and torturing one of the most well know and feared hunter’s in the United States would garner trust from the other hunters.  This plan could backfire if they aren’t careful.

Dean and Mary enter the bunker where Dean tells her about the Men of Letters.  It’s clear there has been a struggle since Dean left to meet with Amara.  While searching for Cass and Sam our favorite angel returns.  Cass explains what happened in the bunker.  With the quick hack of the traffic cameras they have an idea of the direction Sam was taken and they set off.

They track Sam to the veterinarian that helped Toni.  He happens to have Toni’s phone number which they plan to use to track her down.  On their way back to the bunker one of Toni’s colleagues hits the Impala.  She instigates a fight when Dean exits the car while Mary’s unconscious.  Just as she’s about to finish off Dean and Cass, Mary intervenes saving their lives.  After the fight, Mary reveals she’s been running from hunting her whole life.  She was able to get out and she never wanted her boys to be hunters.  Even with Dean’s assurance that this is the life they want and have chosen and you can see the pain in her face at this revelation.  Parents always want better for their children, this is not the life she wanted for her sons.

We had a few glimpses of Crowley.  He is following the trail of bodies that Lucifer is leaving behind.  Since leaving Castiel’s vessel and being unable to take Sam, he is in search of a more sufficient vessel.  From what we can see and hear, he’s burning through them rather quickly.

dean-and-mary-winchesterOne of my favorite scenes is when Mary sees the Impala.  Dean lovingly refers to the car as Baby and Mary calls it sweetheart.  We know how much John Winchester loved this car, how much Dean loves it, and now we see how much Mary loves it.  Her lingering eyes and reminiscent smile as she gazes into the back seat sends a chill up Deans spin and had me rolling in laughter.

This season didn’t start with the edge of your seat, nail biter the way last season did.  It also did not take the direction I expected with Mary.  I envisioned someone all about hunting.  I thought she would  come in like Alice in Resident Evil.  Sometimes we forget that the characters in this story are a family and not a band of superheroes.  While it was not what I was expecting, it was nice to bring them down to earth as regular people; a mother worrying over her sons, men who have made mistakes that have cost some people their lives, and brothers who want nothing more than to keep each other safe.  The title of this episode says it all, Keep Calm and Carry on which is what we will do until the next episode.

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