Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot Pt.1” Review by Kevin Morrison

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot Part 1” Review
by Kevin Morrison

Tomorrow Has Arrived.

This week sees the premiere of the new superhero show Legends of Tomorrow, a spin-off of both Arrow and The Flash! Putting together a team of characters we have met from both Arrow and The Flash, Rip Hunter from the future (played wonderfully by Arthur Darvill) attempts to defeat popular DC villain Vandal Savage, an immortal who takes over the world a few hundred years from now.

Legends of Tomorrow

Putting together heroes like the ATOM and Firestorm, with villains like Captain Cold and Heat Wave, this is an extremely fun idea that blends a lot of different ideas and different characters. This week presented the first part of a 2-Episode Pilot. Why the CW didn’t premiere both parts on the same night is beyond me, it would have been a smarter way to get people into the show. Things seem to go by very quickly and some friends of these characters are a bit too eager to let them go with a man they just met, but perhaps there is more to this next week.

Legends of Tomorrow

The only character that seems a bit reluctant is Jax, all the other characters are right on board with this idea. The show seems to be rushing a bit and very excited to get going, spending only enough time to develop Rip Hunter and no one else, which is fine with me as I know all these characters from Arrow and The Flash, but it might provide frustrating for people who start with this show. Those are really the only flaws with the introduction because the rest of it is pure fun, as all the actors and everyone behind this show is trying their best to create something special and fun and (for the most part) they succeed.

Legends of Tomorrow

The team goes to 1975 in this episode to find an expert on Vandal Savage in order to find information in defeating him. It’s fun to see these characters in an environment like this (particularly the White Canary in a bar fight), but the first episode, being Part 1 of the Pilot, seems to only give us information to set-up the series and not much else. I strongly feel they should have combined Parts 1 and 2 and created a 2-hour episode but I have to see next week in order to see if my feelings are true. There is a LOT thrown at you to start with and I think the show will pick up when everything is explained. For now, it feels like half an episode, but half of a GOOD episode. It’s fun, it’s creative and it’s overall a very neat premise. I hope to see it get better and better from here.
Grade: B+

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