Lethal Weapon: ‘The Murtaugh File’ Review

Lethal Weapon Murtaugh File

Lethal Weapon: ‘The Murtaugh File’ Review

Dr, Cahill has a deadly secret admirer.

Warning: Yes, spoilers are listed throughout this review.

The episode is called “The Murtaugh File” but Roger Murtaugh is not the main focus of the episode. Nor was Riggs for that matter. Yes, of course our wild detectives are heavily featured, but it was a nice change of pace to see the focus shift over to Maureen Cahill. This is exactly what I want to see more of in this series. I want to see the supporting cast get a chance in the spotlight. Much like Captain Avery had his shine in “Lawmen”, the case revolves around Cahill after a guy see was dating ends up being rammed off a hillside by what turns out to be a stalker of hers

Jordana Brewster is such a charming actress, and there’s no denying her talents have been underutilized while playing her psychologist character. While she has given credible insight on Riggs’ behavior, most of the time she’s used as a device to give Riggs a chance to make a joke. That’s why I am so taken by this episode. We actually get to know so much more about Maureen. She gets to express a variety of emotions, she get’s in on the action, she leaves the damn department! We actually learn she’s married, but soon to be divorced because her douchenag husband cheateed on her twice. This episode shows us she’s quite a tough woman. I mean, she has to be to put up with treating Riggs. Jordana Brewster did a wonderful job in this episode. I could only hope she’ll get more episodes where she can become part of the story.

It’s no secret that some fans ship a future relationship between Martin and Riggs. Personally, up until this episode, I didn’t want that at all. I prefer when Riggs is finally ready to move on and find love again, he and DEA agent Karen Palmer – Hilary Burton is slated to reprise her role in a couple more guest appearances later in the season – capitalize on that chemistry they had on “Fashion Police”. However, Riggs and Cahill did work great together in this situation. There’s something there between them. Riggs even hinted on their sexual tension. The episode was pretty cheeky in the way it teased an opportunity for something to happen between these two when after the case was wrapped up, she had to refer him to another psychologist. Hey, it even threw me for a loop briefly, making me think they were going to get together. I ever thought about how I was going to miss their sessions. But then I got interested in what their relationship would be like, and then… Riggs hilariously made sure their sessions would go on by walking on the ledge of Maureen’s office window. I’m sure Maureen knew Riggs wouldn’t intentionally throw himself off the ledge, but he could have easily fell. I think Maureen cares quite a bit about Riggs’ well being. Definitely more than her professional self can admit. It’s became very clear Riggs has an interest in her romantically when he got a little jealous seeing flowers on Maureen’s desk. But he clearly needs her professional help above anything else. There is a possibility these two could become a thing eventually, but that remains to be seen, and it shouldn’t happen too soon.

Lethal Weapon Cahill

The episode gets its title from Riggs noticing a file in Maureen’s filing cabinet with Murtaugh’s name of it. Riggs, who takes a break from grieving this week, spends plenty of hilarious moments trying to figure out why Roger would need counseling from Maureen. Once Roger gave in and told Riggs about him freezing up when it came to shooting a criminal years back, it not only brought the two even closer, it also helped Roger redeem himself as a cop by shooting the main suspect threatening to kill Riggs and Maureen. It was very cool to see Roger save the day.

I have to give credit to the bait-and-switch they pulled with the suspect. The fooled me with the outcome. The main suspect wasn’t anything special. It was just the new cop Bailey was training that turned out to be a former patient of Maureen. No, it’s the fact that they fooled me by setting up Dr. Levinson to be the guy, which would have been so predictable. I was ready to give a lashing to the episode on this review, but when it turned out to be Officer Montero, I smacked myself for being so gullible.

Okay, this episode gave us what I think will become a classic scene should this become a long lasting series. It certainly topped the episode “There Goes the Neighborhood” when Riggs and Murtaugh tried to arrest a huge, muscle-bound, naked, black dude in a gym shower. The investigation takes Martin and Riggs to a former patient of Maureen’s. His name is Kevin Flynn. He’s a short, angry, violent meany who’s been sending empty threats to Maureen weekly. When the guys attempt to arrest him, this crazy little guy goes on a violent tantrum and beats the crap out of our cop buddies. I was laughing so hard, tears burst out of my eyes. It didn’t help my gut to hear them play House of Pain’s “Jump Around” during the scuffle. The icing of the cake was seeing Riggs hog tie the guy. I was thinking about the scene and laughing long after it concluded.

One of the coolest scenes was Riggs coming to the rescue of Bradley, Cahill’s soon-to-be ex-husband. After the hooded suspect pushes Bradley onto the street where a big rig truck is about to squash him like a pancake, Riggs does an awesome power slide in the street and shoots the truck to bring it to a halt.

Trish and Murtaugh spying on their daughter was the “weaker” part of the episode, but I still enjoyed it. They probably should have talked to Riana before snooping around her room to find a fake ID, but what parent wouldn’t if they were concerned about their child? Thankfully, her reason for fibbing was because she had a job as a DJ. And that’s pretty cool. Especially since she mixed Sly and the Family Stone into her set.

“The Murtaugh File” was light on the drama but heavy on the laughs and generous with the thrills. I think a light episode for Riggs was much needed after the previous two focusing so heavily on his inability to move on from Miranda’s death. Once again, I’m so happy Cahill had her own plot in the show. Now, more than ever, Bailey needs her own plot. Give Bailey her own plot soon!

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