Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: ‘BOOM’ Review


Marvel’s Agent’s of SHIELD: ‘BOOM’ Review

Warning: This review is spoiler filled. Not safe if you haven’t seen the episode. Abort. Abort now.

This week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. took its title “Boom” literally with some explosive developments.

How hilariously ironic that inhuman hunting goon, Shockley carried the gene in his blood to turn him into an inhuman. His plan to visit Nadeer’s office with a Terrigen crystal in hopes to turn her into an inhuman literally backfired, killing Nadeer but giving him the ability to blow up and regenerate – which was a really cool effect, by the way. I take satisfaction seeing Shockley turn into the very thing he hates. The showdown between him and Daisy was really cool, watching her make himself blow up until Fitz and Simmons could suck him into a Ghostbuster-like machine while he regenerated. Not sure what role he’ll play, if any, in the coming episodes, but it seems like the character now has plenty of dangerous potential. It would be a shame to waste it. At least we got to see John Pyper-Ferguson have fun with his character.

As for the death of Nadeer, while I’m glad to see her wicked ass gone, I’m a bit disappointed she’ll never be brought to justice. In some ways, it would have been better to see her become an inhuman, the very thing she despises more than anything. I certainly feel cheated with her death being so abrupt, but our S.H.I.E.L.D. agents feel the same way. It’s now obvious Nadeer was a mere cog in the grand scheme of things, now that we have Anton Ivanov plotting his war with the inhumans. Again, glad she’s dead, but I feel like there was more that could have been done with the character. Gotta give Parminder Nagra credit for playing such a cold hearted witch so well.


Some pretty sucky news for Jeffrey Mace. If he continues to take the serum that gives him super strength, it could eventually kill him. Makes me feel kind of bad for him. He’s been on an emotional slump ever since everyone found out the truth about him. Now, all he wants to do is help, but he’s limited on what he can do. The Jason O’Mara character had a nice arc this week, showing true courage. Just a shame he’s now Ivanov’s prisoner after buying the team time to capture Shockley and escape. Ivanov’s not going to be too happy when he finds out his prisoner is not an actual inhuman. I can’t help but feel Mace’s days on the show are numbered. He could possibly be killed by Ivanov or somehow sacrifice himself in some capacity in a later episode. Or maybe he’ll be exposed by the Terrigen crystals, gave super strength, and actually become The Patriot for real. Hang in there Mace.

Really nice to see Mallory Jansen pulling an excellent double act as Aida and Agnes, Radcliffe’s ex-girlfriend he used to model for Aida’s design. It was also so great to hear Ms. Jansen speak in her actual accent. We’ve seen Jansen play a great, scary robot, but her dramatic work as Agnes was impressive. I always knew Aida’s design was taken from an ex-lover.

Finding out Agnes is dying from a brain tumor also gives some prospective as to why Radcliffe is so obsessed with the Darkhold and his ambition to cure people. But he realizes he can’t physically cure people as effectively as creating an alternate digital reality for them where their self conscious can live on forever. This new creation he builds with Aida is called The Framework. Really intriguing idea. I hope we get to see more of this concept in the coming episodes.

While Coulson and Mack pursue Agnes’ help, Coulson’s feelings towards May keep flowing out, and I love it. He absolutely shows his determination and devotion towards getting his lady back. When he has a heart-to-heart with Agnes on how Radcliffe took “someone who means the world to him”, I just melted like butter. I mentioned this last week when they showed that line in the previews, but I had to mention it again. The love is real. What was up with Mack trying to tell Phil he may have to move on, let go of May? That was annoying me. Why would he even think May was dead? I thought Phil was going to punch him in the face. Thankfully, Phil picked up on Radcliffe’s mention that he had a subject in The Framework. It was obvious to Phil the subject was May. I loved his boyish enthusiasm when said “May is alive”.


Sadly, Anton Ivanov hasn’t proven to be a truly threatening or even interesting villain yet. His motives aren’t really that creative. All we know is he can choke people well, and he truly hates inhumans. Next week’s previews suggest his mission to kill Coulson will be the focus. So maybe we’ll get a better sense of what makes this guy tick. I mean, if you’re going to call a Russian bad guy The Superior, he has to be more exciting than these past two episodes have shown us.

Daisy seemed totally in control an focused. She’s such a bad ass. It was pretty sick to see her use her quake force to interrogate Shockley. Fitz and Simmons looked like they were having fun doing their science stuff. Loved Simmons’ little scolding session towards Fitz when he almost got blown up pushing Shockley into the containment hatch. Sadly, with May stuck in The Framework, this episode was the most May-Light ever. I kind of want to know what they did with the decoy.

This was another fairly good episode, but nothing above average. It wasn’t filled with action and thrills, but it’s pacing was brisk enough to give everybody a fair amount of screen time without any loss of momentum. Radcliffe’s motivations were made more clearer than ever. Phil’s in love, Mace is Ivanov’s prisoner, and Nadeer is dead. Plenty of good development, setup and a death I can live with. Not a bad deal.

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