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New Doctor Who Companion Announced

New Doctor Who Companion Announced

Doctor Who companion

As Whovians everywhere were eagerly awaiting the new series of Doctor Who, they instead decided to give an announcement of the new companion, Bill played by actress Pearl Mackie. As with most Doctor Who casting decisions, the internet went nuts. Many expressed disdain for this character who spent the entire introduction being unfunny and asking stupid questions. It is made worse by the fact that they use the Daleks in the clip, who are supposed to be one of the most feared and hated of the villains in the Doctor Who Universe. Whovians are sometimes very quick to judge a character or an actor/ actress but it is because they are such a passionate fan base.

I have to tend to agree with those people who were annoyed by her character. I thought the small scene was painfully unfunny and she was rather irritating. She asked far too many questions, didn’t take the Doctor seriously and was more worried about trying to make a joke than actually act. I do really hope for a better series, but this was not a great introduction by a long shot. But see for yourself in the clip below.

So who is Pearl Mackie? She is a graduate of Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2010. She is a pretty unknown actress but has appeared in music videos, and currently starring in a production of The Curious Dog in the Night-Time. Other than that, she is relatively unknown. One other credit to her name is playing Anne-Marie Frasier for one episode of the BBC show Doctors in 2014.

I’m hoping that my first impression of this character is wrong and that like many Doctor Who characters, I will begin to love her. I’m really really really hoping.

Who was your favorite companion? Who is the worst companion thus far? Comment below! 



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