Once Upon a Time “Siege Perilous” Review


The haze is starting to lift and we’re learning more and more of what happened during that 6 week period in Camelot.  Regina, Snow and David are working hard to put the pieces together all the while coping with Emma being consumed by the darkness.  Emma needs to mend Excalibur but first she needs to remove to the sword from the stone.  Arthur is trying to find a way to get him and his subjects back to Camelot.  Right now we have a lot of problems with no solutions in sight.

Back in Camelot 6 weeks ago, our group of hero’s are looking for a way to free Merlin from the tree.  Snow says she wished they could talk to him because surely he’d have an idea on how to get him free.  In his writings, Regina has come across a toadstool called the Crimson Crown that will enable them to speak with Merlin.  This sets Arthur and David out on a quest to retrieve the Crimson Crown.  It also gives us a glimpse at Arthur which further confirms he cannot be trusted.  After the quest, Arthur gives David a place at the Round Table as a Knight of Camelot.  He is given the seat of honor, as the Kings right hand and most trusted friend.  During the Knighting ceremony Snow bumps into Lancelot.  He warns her of a terrible villain in Camelot.  When she tries to explain they know Emma’s now the Dark One and they’re going to fix it he interrupts and says that Arthur and Camelot are not what they seem.

Fast forward to Storybrook, Emma has taken Happy’s axe and uses it to attempt to remove the sword from the stone.  The axe breaks on impact and the Dark One tells her they need a hero to remove the sword from the stone.  They both know who that hero is, Rumplestiltskin.  She is able to bring him back from the brink of death and tell’s him he’s now a blank slate, neither good nor evil.  She’s determined to turn him in to the purest hero that ever lived.

Once-Upon-a-Time-5x03-Siege-Perilous-Toadstool-Crimson-Crown-pageRegina comes across the same book she perused in Camelot and sees that she marked the page with the Crimson Crown.  She mentions it to Snow and David saying maybe they needed that to get to Merlin.  Arthur tells them some of Camelot’s relics have been stolen some relics.  One of these stolen relics is a magic bean than could have helped them get back to Camelot.  When they find the thief they don’t find a magic bean but outside his tent, they find the Crimson Crown.  David brings it to Regina and Snow and they decide to use it to contact Merlin.

Even with Emma as the Dark One, she appears to have a soft spot for Hook.  She had a dinner date with him and attempted to act like and look like her old self.  Granted she was using him to get his cutlass so she could use it to bring Rumple back but there was still some tenderness there.  Maybe her love for Hook can undo her being the Dark One.  Jennifer Morrison continues to be creepy and brilliant all at once.  After playing the Savior for so long, she plays a fantastic villain.

fKsKoXvWe’re learning more and more about Arthur, Camelot and what really happened.  Arthur is clearly not to be trusted.  On the quest with David we find out he pocketed the Crimson Crown to prevent David from recovering it.  Him appointing David as a knight appears to be a tactic of “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.  Arthur definitely has something up his sleeve and I don’t trust him at all.

We’re slowly learning more.  This episode gave us a good look at Arthur but it did feel a little drawn out.  I’m really hoping they start giving us a little more details soon.  The memory loss and lack of information can get frustrating as a viewer if we don’t start to get answers soon.

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