Once Upon a Time: The Price Review


We have had a dwarf turned to stone, a Savior turned evil, a once Evil Queen turn hero and memories wiped and we’re only one episode deep.  Welcome to Storybrook where nothing is what it seems.  What happened in Camelot over the six weeks that drove Emma to be so angry?

We start with the dwarves at the town line.  They feel hopeless with Emma as The Dark One and are willing to risk crossing the line rather than fight her.  Dope crosses and turns into a tree.  What this town really needs is a hero.

We get a glimpse of what happened when they first arrived in Camelot six weeks ago.  Arthur brought them to Camelot because the prophecy said the Savior would free him.  He’s been imprisoned in a tree.  How he ended up in a tree is anyone’s guess but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to have the most powerful wizard of all time trapped in a tree.  Regina claims to be the Savior so Emma will not need to use any magic.  Her concern is the use of magic will give Emma a taste for dark magic and turn her evil.

the-price-still-1At the ball Percival confronts Regina and reveals that he knows that she’s really the Evil Queen.  She destroyed his village and killed everyone he loved.  He pulls out a sword to kill her and Robin runs to her aid.  Robin get’s stabbed by an enchanted blade and David kills Percival. The only one who can save his life is Emma.  As she’s about to use magic, The Dark One in the form of Rumplestiltskin appears, encourages her to use magic and tells her Regina will have to pay for the magic used since she’s asking for it.  When she uses magic you can see the effect it has on her instantly.

In present day Storybrook it turns out Arthur, his knights and some of his subjects have also been transported here and have also lost their memories of the past six weeks.  The men of Storybrook help Arthur and his knights round everyone up so they can get supplies and have everyone accounted for.

Regina is trying to prove she can be the hero the town needs.  She’s frustrated because she feels no one trust her.  Emma warns her the town needs a Savior because of the problem headed to Storybrook.  Not long after a creature called a Fury attacks Robin.  That’s when Regina learned it’s to pay the price of magic and the only way to save him is to have someone else take his place.  She ends up offering herself up to save Robin.  In the process Snow, David, Grumpy and Arthur join hands with Regina and offer themselves with her.  The Fury can’t take them all and once it’s door closes, disappears.  When she asks why Grumpy says that standing up to that monster proved one thing, if there’s anyone who can save the town it’s Regina.  They all head to Granny’s and while they’re there she uses her magic to unfreeze Sneezy further cementing herself as a hero.

t45uzokwiaxmylrdq165The Dark One as Rumplestiltskin appears to Emma to help her prepare for something huge.  He leads her into the basement.  We see the Excalibur back in the stone.  Rumplestiltskin tells her they need to mend the sword so she can use it to snuff out all the light in the world.  When she tries to pull the sword from the stone, she’s thrown to the ground.  He laughs and tells her if she wants the sword, she’ll have to pay the price.

We still don’t see what happened that made Emma feel angry and so betrayed.  She was clearly upset with Regina for claiming to be the Savior but seemed to understand it was only for her protection.  The only other real interaction we see of her getting ready for the ball.  Snow is helping Emma get ready and shares her memories of her first ball and how she always wanted to share that with her daughter.  It was a very touching scene, one of my favorite interactions between Snow and Emma actually.  Whatever caused a rift between them had to be huge.

Regina was so worried about not being taken seriously as a hero.  She still has a bit of an evil streak in her but her desire for good is leading her now.  As someone who was previously so incredibly evil, she’s had to work to shake the stigma.  Sometimes she’s so sensitive about it, she can’t see that there are people who trust her implicitly.  When Grumpy stood by her it was exactly what she needed to know Storybrook trusts her.  If he’s behind her, she’ll have all the dwarves and he’s such a curmudgeon that if he trusts her the rest of the town will as well.


Emma is a fantastic villain.  She is charming and charismatic.  We love her so much as a hero that we hope she’s still in there somewhere so she can be saved but please, not too quickly.  Give us a little more of the Dark Swan.

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