San Diego Comic Con 2017: Timeless Fan Appreciation Panel

San Diego Comic Con 2017: Timeless Fan Appreciation Panel

Timeless: The panel for Timeless opened to an extremely enthusiastic crowd. They played an amazing fan tribute video that is available below for viewing. The focus of the panel for the actors and producers was really the fans.

First, the cast answered the burning question of what was your reaction when the show was reinstated.

Eric Kripke joked that NBC was calling to gloat but instead gave him 15 minutes to prepare to announce it to the fans. They had to scramble to get the actors together and couldn’t get Abigail because she was sleeping.  She awoke to hundreds of messages and calls that the show was returning. They reiterate that the panel was for the audience.

To show his appreciation, Malcolm flung t-shirts into the audience featuring the fandom name on it while screaming “I’m rich now, I do what I want.” As an official vote, by a round of applause, the fan base decided on the name Clockblockers as the collective group name for those who consider themselves Timeless fans.

Talking about the first season, started big with the Hindenberg and other places they’ve gone during the season. What is your favorite adventure?

Matt: Every time, I come up with something different. I loved WWII, and I loved the Alamo because we got really cool garb.

Abigail: Bonnie and Clyde, love the time period and the costumes and the actors for Bonnie and Clyde were great. I love the time period, and the costumes and the actors for Bonnie and Clyde were great. At the heart of the show, it is a character relationship show, and it’s getting to know the characters.

Matt reminds her that it is the first episode they kiss. Playing coy she pretends she doesn’t remember.

Malcolm jokes his favorite is when they kiss, and he showed up for work and didn’t have anything to do.

Goran: The western episode where he got to ride a horse in the middle of the snowstorm.

Abigail: That was a great episode learning about Bass Reeves being the Lone Ranger, etc.

A little background information on the episode was given that the episode was not written in the snow. It was supposed to be dusty and dry, and it ended up having snow in the forecast, so they just shot it.

What is the most annoying thing to wear? 

Abigail: Anything with a corset. I wore like 12 layers in August for the Lincoln episode.

Malcolm: The shoes are so tight. The guys had their comfy shoes after every scene.

As the female, Abigail points out: the guys had their comfy shoes after every scene

Matt recounts the fight story: Goran, you were there for the big fight with Rittenhouse, that floor was not fun to fight on. It was so slippery.

How is it in the lifeboat? 

Abigail: It is hot and tight but some of my favorite moments happen in the lifeboat. When you (Matt) were in the present and Rufus and Lucy had to throw everyone off the trail, and it was so fun to shoot.

Matt: Without me?

Abigail: Well, he’s always telling me to put my seatbelt on and bosses me around.

Matt: Well, it’s time travel, you need to wear a seatbelt. Click it or ticket.

Malcolm says that the machine adapted as the show went on so they could make it easier to film in. Mason Industries has made some adjustments, so it works out. Just little easter eggs, that’s not how easter eggs work.

Eric and Shawn, I like the idea of Rittenhouse. Where did that come from? 

Eric: Honestly, it came from a really practical story reason, if it’s a bunch of good guys chasing an antagonist through time, he’s trying to do something. Something bigger than trying to kill people on the Hindenberg, then otherwise he’s not a very interesting antagonist. He needs to be doing something that’s part of a larger puzzle and that kind of led us to skull and bones and Illuminati and Free Masons and that they could kind of weave in and out of the history of the country and it came from there.

Shawn: It is so funny because Eric came in with Rittenhouse. We researched David Rittenhouse and went to Philadelphia and I needed a hotel to stay at, and one was the Rittenhouse and I had to stay there. We came to find out he was an amazing dude who we total slandered on the show.

Eric: I picked the name because I did a search of Revolutionary War clockmakers and the name Rittenhouse came up, and he was the greatest dude. In the Benedict Arnold episode, he said like ‘you have great birthing hips,’ he was the first head of the US Mint, and we completely besmirched his name. Apologies to the Rittenhouse family.

What was it like to film the final scene? 

Abigail: Mother daughter relationships are complicated. I didn’t know that my mother would become the leader of this Rittenhouse group. I love how we portray women on the show, and I think it’s very apropos that she is the most conflict for Lucy and that the most important person in Rittenhouse is a woman. What was difficult about that scene was it was the last scene we shot for the entire season. The last scene was wrapping all of season 1 and dropping a huge bomb. I had already been filming for 14 hours, and I was very emotional and connected to Lucy.

Did you always have that ending? 

Eric responded: Yes, you always come in hard like ‘no man, we are coming back.’ That’s the only way to write. You write for victory.

Goran, did you know that’s where your character would go? 

I didn’t know much. I wasn’t changing anything in my acting. I knew there was something that happened in my life and knew that he probably wasn’t responsible. I learned he wasn’t responsible throughout the season, but I didn’t change my acting.

Speaking of next season, because we know it’s happening, what can you tell us? 

Shawn: We are at the beginning of the process, and the writers will start in September, and the filming will start in November, so Eric and I did come up with a lot of ideas that we pitch to NBC in March. We definitely have some ideas but nothing set in stone. I know Eric has been very interested in visiting. We approach the story as for how does this time period affect our characters. One of our things about the characters for season two is we will dive into the Lucy and Wyatt and Rufus and Jiya of it all. We will film in Los Angeles which will allow us to tell a few stories we wouldn’t have been able to tell in Los Angeles.

Eric: Lucy’s mom is going to be on of the major big bads in season 2, and Rittenhouse does have their hands on the time machine which is way worse than Garcia having his hands on the time machine. The team and Garcia see themselves placing a common enemy, and they could be a messy team up. The thing that we found this year that we love about the show and that means something to us is that we are very proud that we can tell all these positive fun exciting and very inclusive stories about history. Stories about women, stories about minorities and gays in history. The idea that everyone contributes to the history of this country. I will be the opposite of political and say that this is a  good message. We are presenting this idea that history is for everybody and America is for every body.

An exciting announcement of the Season 1 DVD release was accompanied by a gag reel clip which was full of fun. The DVD will release on September 19th.

The panel opened to various questions and really gave fans the opportunity to ask the cast and creators their burning questions. The cast and creators of Timeless really went out of their way to make sure to show the appreciation they have for their fans. Reminding them that the battle is not over, we are looking forward to season 3, so make sure to share and get family and friends watching.

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