San Diego Comic Con 2017: Supernatural ROCKS Hall H on Sunday Morning


San Diego Comic Con 2017: Supernatural ROCKS Hall H on Sunday Morning

Supernatural , after 12 seasons found a way to up the ante in Hall H. With the full side panels and smoke machines, Warner Brothers television brought the band Kansas to start the panel with a live performance of “Carry On My Wayward Son” which as the fans know is the theme song of the show. The crowd was electrified.

The panel excitement continued as stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Robert Singer, Andrew Dabb, Robert Speight, and Rob Benedict. Obviously missing from the panel was fan favorite Misha Collins. With much outrage from the fans, Misha emerged from the side of the stage with a smaller chair to join his cast members and assure the audience that his character is not dead.

The panel continued with various questions about where the show was headed next. We learned that Mary is not dead but in the other apocalyptic world. In addition to Mary being alive, it has also revealed that long dead cast members will return and be featured in the apocalyptic world.

Following the general questions, the panel answered some burning fan questions. One of the questions was asking the cast what their favorite prop on the show was. Misha responded that Dean is his favorite prop. The fans egged on Jensen saying “baby!” and Jensen replied very seriously that “Baby is not a prop!” Jared replied to fans that the demon blade was his favorite prop from the show. The question portion of the panel ended with a fan asking which characters would make the best spin off show, to which Robert Singer replied that Jodi Mills and all the other female characters would make a great show in addition to the Supernatural Universe. This confirmed news that the show Wayward Sisters/ Daughters is in the works. Surprisingly enough they didn’t play the gag reel that has become so synonymous with the Supernatural panel, but I guess we can forgive them considering they had freakin’ Kansas open for them!

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  1. One correction or omission I guess it was. You neglected to acknowledge that Rob Benedict was also there helping to moderate with Richard Speight, Jr.

  2. Thank you! Trying to write quickly and I missed that !

  3. Totally understand. Just the editor in me.

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