SDCC 2018: Riverdale and What We’ve Learned about Season 3

SDCC 2018: Riverdale and What We’ve Learned about Season 3

The press roundtable interviews at San Diego Comic-Con led to some great information about the upcoming season and what we can expect from our favorite characters in Riverdale as the face the challenges of what happened during the season finale of season 2.

Skeet Ulrich tells us that FP and Alice’s relationship status will be “complicated as usual. We will get a lot more of it, and it will be quite a rollercoaster.”

The next season sees a time-jump where the season starts three months after the end of season two.

Alice is looking for “anyway to heal, and she will explore things that may not be the best for her,” according to Mädchen Amick

Despite his exit from the Serpents, Skeet says that Jughead becoming the head of the Serpents “almost puts more of an onus on FP. I am really interested in that side and see what develops from that. I think what’s so unique already is that we start to see characters in a different light.”

Skeet also tells us that the pace of Riverdale will be different and the showrunners are “really interested in slowing down and little bit and getting to know people on a deeper level.”

Executive producer Sarah Schechter addresses us getting to see new characters by saying that “this is the biggest cast of any of their shows and it’s only getting bigger.”

Jon also hints that we are going to see the evolution of Riverdale as a town. Sarah adds to this by saying that she’s excited to see “more about when [the parents] were in high school.”

Ashleigh Murray hints that once the dust settles, “there’s going to be a new aspect that’s supernatural-esque.” It should be interesting to see what this one is because of the Sabrina announcement earlier this year.

Lili Reinhart says that we are going find out more about this mysterious farm that Polly speaks of in the final episode of season 2.

There will be a stronger female dynamic with Hermoine and Veronica in the upcoming season.

When asked where Cheryl and Toni stand following the previous season, Madeline says “as of right now, everything is solid and Cheryl and Toni had a great summer.” She also thinks that the musical tradition will continue to happen as long as the show is on.

Following Archie’s arrest, KJ says that he “will be distanced from the rest of the cast for as long as it takes” to resolve the issue of his arrest.

Addressing the relationship between Fred and Hermoine, “I think she’s going to be making some moves one way or another.”

We will see Jelly Bean and Jug’s mom this season. It is rumored that Jughead’s mother is a badass but when asked, Cole was quiet on who the actress was who will be playing his mother.

All these reveals make us even more excited for the return of Riverdale. The actors and creators and worked to make something truly special that always leaves the audience wanting more.

Riverdale returns with Season Three on October 10th on the CW. 

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