Supergirl “Bizarro” Review

Supergirl “Bizarro” Review by Kevin Morrison

Dating and Counterparts prove to be a problem this week.

Continuing making Maxwell Lord this show’s Lex Luthor counterpart, Lord makes Bizarro Supergirl, a clone of Supergirl brainwashed into trying to destroy her. It’s very much like the comic source and Melissa Benoist does a great job as Bizarro on top of her normal role as Kara. I appreciate all this, but it does continue to prove my theory that Maxwell Lord is the 99-Cent Lex Luthor and…well, he’s just not that interesting. Still, the Bizarro angle is much-welcomed and seeing them face of against each other is very fun.

The Bizarro make-up looks incredible when she turns into the Bizarro look we know from the comics. The ideas behind her and presenting her feels right out of the comic book and I was impressed how serious I was able to take it. It all worked fantastically and is possibly the best villain story this show has presented so far.

However, this show hits its lowest point where Kara goes out with Cat Grant’s son, Adam. It is borders being like that SNL Black Widow Rom-Com joke trailer where we already know what is going to happen and no real sparks fly. It feels very awkward and I wish they didn’t waste there time with this subplot when the Adam/Cat story is interesting enough. The love triangle between Jimmy, Kara and Winn is a bit groan-worthy, but luckily this whole subplot between Kara and Adam ends by the end of this episode, so we don’t have to deal with it anymore.

Supergirl takes more risks and goes into some new territory with successes in places, and a few failures in others. However, the successes in Bizarro, the make-up and the action here are enough to recommend and brand this a good episode. I hope they don’t take the road of another unnecessary relationship with some other guy for Kara, but it seems as though they know how to hit it where it counts.

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