Supergirl “Fight or Flight” Review by Kevin Morrison

Supergirl “Fight or Flight” Review by Kevin Morrison : Defining Supergirl

Cast in the shadow of her more prominent and experienced cousin, Superman, Kara is faced with trying to prove herself to National City as her own hero while fighting a villain named Reactron (which, yes, they are self aware that is a silly name). The problem is Reactron has fought Superman many times in the past and nearly killed him. With this knowledge, what chance does Supergirl have?

The burden of being Superman’s cousin is present here, as Kara wants to show to her friends and everyone around her that she is a true hero that can take care of herself and her city. This is an excellent idea for this show and for a side character. Imagine a Nightwing show where his personal journey is standing on his own and not calling on Batman when he’s in trouble. Supergirl is the Nightwing to Superman, but without all the training Robin had.


Jimmy Olson and the DEO are concerned with Supergirl’s safety (ironically, one of the things the ‘S’ doesn’t stand for) and, thus, ending up hurting her, even when saving her life. There are different viewpoints on what Supergirl should mean, but one answer is clear: it should be Kara’s decision, even when her friends don’t always see eye to eye. Melissa Benoist and all the other cast members continue to do perfect jobs in these roles and I’m really taken aback at how much I like, relate to and feel for Kara, not only as a main character, but as a human being. She feels real and they are looking at real problems with her, rather than just special-effects extravaganzas.

But when the effects are on screen, they look really damn good. I’m impressed with the budget this show has and how good it looks, I did not expect the rest of the show to look as good as the higher budget Pilot did. Everything looks sleek and like a comic book, sprinkled with the Richard Donner Superman style I really missed. It’s all excellent.


Supergirl continues to be a fantastic show for all ages, as well and a great show for the young hero in all of us. She does things the other superhero shows, such as Arrow and Daredevil, wouldn’t dare do and does it in stellar ways. She feels the same way young people do when faced with big challenges and won’t fall back on someone older and more experienced. With all this in mind, Supergirl is the hero this generation needs.

Grade: A-
Fun Notes (SPOILERS):
-The Superman Cameo! I was surprised, I wasn’t expecting to him at all in the rest of the show, only mentions.

-The Caitlyn Jenner mention was great too, I like that they are keeping this in modern day and keeping things relevant.

-I get the feeling Cat knows Kara is Supergirl and is testing her. That would be a great twist and story in of itself.
-I also hope that the head of the DEO is secretly Martian Manhunter. That would be awesome, but I’m not gonna hold my breath.

-The Homeland reference was hilarious! Melissa Benoist was in Homeland, so that was a nice subtle joke.
-Finally, the ending conversation between Kara and Clark was so great and made me smile long after it was over. Very well done.

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