Supergirl “For The Girl Who Has Everything” Review

Supergirl “For The Girl Who Has Everything” Review by Kevin Morrison



We get a unique and cool look at Krypton this week as Kara is trapped in her own mind and in a fantasy of her old home. Slowly killing her, her friends must figure out a way to get the flowers causing her to think of her old planet.

Seeing Krypton and Kara’s old family is welcomed and the design of the world is well done. It’s interesting to see Kara be tested in this manner and see her pain dealing with what she has lost. We see her family once again and understand the difficulties of her accepting this projected world and having to leave it. Her reactions toward Astra’s comrades at the end is fitting and surprising at the same time. I don’t believe we have ever seen her that frustrated before. Overall, a very well done storyline and well-excuted.

Meanwhile back on Earth, the other have to figure out a way to get the plant off of her and bring her back without killing her, which proves difficult until they get help from Maxwell Lord. Teaming up with the villain is always a good idea for a story, but once again Lord isn’t that interesting What is interesting is Alex volunteers to go into the projected Krypton world and her sisterhood with Kara is touching and dramatic. Chyler Leigh does a great job here and there is a very touching moment between them when she is sent in.Supergirl


On top of all this, the Martian Manhunter uses his powers not only to fight but to shapeshift into Kara to allude that she is still working for Cat Grant. This was HILARIOUS! I loved this idea and thought it was a great way to add comedy to the show. It was very funny and I hope to see things like this again. Overall, a very good use for Hank/MM.

Supergirl still captures the drama and the uplifting spirits that makes it so endearing. There is a surprise ending here (which I shall not ruin), but it does leave an impact and does stick out as something meaningful. It’s another interesting and fun episode that showcases all the good things the show has to offer.

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