Supergirl “How Does She Do It?” Review

Supergirl “How Does She Do It?” Review

How does Supergirl do it? How is it that in this show’s weakest episode I am still engaging and in love with these characters, fully enjoying everything that is happening?

This week’s episode seems like a bit of stepping backwards, simply due to the reason that this was meant to be seen before last week’s episode when CBS decided to pull this episode and save for next week due to the Paris terrorist attacks. I fully respect their decision, but that does leave me with watching an episode where I already know the ending because I have seen what happened afterwards. For this review, I’m going to choose to ignore that and try to focus on the episode as if it was in order.

Supergirl “How Does She Do It?” Review

Terrorism and bombs are the threat this week, along with Kara’s schedule and personal plate. Simultaneously we have Kara being Supergirl saving National City from bombs placed throughout the city at random times by an unknown person (more on that later) and trying to be Cat’s assistant by taking care of her son AND being a DEO agent.

The theme this week seems to be that even a Supergirl, with all her powers and strength, can’t do everything. I LOVE this because finally we got the Superman theme that has sorely been missing from the past few decades in his movies. On top of all this as well, Kara is thinking about her crush on Jimmy Olsen and a possible relationship with him. This part is a mixed bag because I really don’t see them together and don’t think it would be such a good idea. Still, it is a welcome addition to the story and themes of this episode.

The fact that Supergirl can’t do everything is evident in one scene where she makes the decision to save a train of a hundred people vs. an airport full of thousands. Kara makes this decision based on her trust in her friend Winn and her feeling that she can work better talking with a bomber than just disabling or throwing away a bomb. I liked this aspect as well because we and the citizens of National City see Kara and Supergirl as more than a symbol, she’s a person with thoughts and initiatives. Seeing her talk to Cat’s son about being brave and a real hero, and then seeing him be the better for it later, was really great and hit the story home.

Supergirl “How Does She Do It?” Review

Meanwhile, the external stuff is a mixed bad. Maxwell Lord appears to be our main villain for the series and he feels like another Lex Luthor. I’m not necessarily opposed to him, it’s just I need to see more of him before I make a call of whether or not he is a good villain. Jimmy’s ex Lucy Lane is also very average, the chemistry is decent but the crush Kara has on him is a bit too out of place and doesn’t feel right. It’s the area that drags this episode down the most.

Finally, in a bit of spoiler-territory (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED), we see Hank’s secret 100% as he uses his secret power to disable the bomb at the airport. We now know he is not evil and is for good and my prediction, based on what I know of DC comics, is that he Martian Manhunter. When he was disarming the bomb, he looked a little gray and green to me and I hope that is a hint to who he really is! That would be a great twist and, being a fan of Martian Manhunter from the Justice League TV show, I would love that. (END SPOILERS)

This episode is kind of weak because, just like its main character, it juggles a bit much. But regardless, I still very much enjoyed it anyways and thought it was a well made episode. It’s not the series’ strongest, nor is it the episode to convert people to fans, but it was still Supergirl and that’s good enough for me.

Grade: B

Fun Notes (SPOILERS!):

-I officially like Cat Grant a lot. She is J. Jonah Jameson mixed with Aunt May, a very neat character.
-Hank is Martian Manhunter. Seriously. Think about it.
-Alex Denvers also is doing a great job! She’s a good character too.

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