Supergirl “Human for a Day” Review

Supergirl “Human for a Day” Review: DC Comics Fans, You’re Gonna Wanna See This…

Supergirl fights being a mortal human this week, but that’s not the story people are going to focus on-and if you have seen this episode, it’s not what you’re going want me to talk about. For this reason, I am calling this a SPOILER REVIEW. A big twist was revealed this week and I don’t want anyone who hasn’t seen this show yet to know about this twist, as it is major and is really neat. So if you want to watch this show and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read the following. Okay? Okay.

Still here? Okay. Supergirl is up against a new threat in the name of Jemm, a new alien the DEO has found and captured one that threatens to destroy everyone’s loved ones and can read minds. However, due to a solar flare (or maybe something else…), Kara is incapable of using her powers and ends up breaking her arm when she tries. Early in the episode, however, in response to this threat, Hank Henshaw hears Jemm’s words and simply mutters to himself “There’s no one left on Orion…”

If you have been following my reviews and reading the notes at the end of each of them, you will know that those words mean that a big prediction of mine with this show-that honestly felt very far out and somewhat unlikely-has come true. Hank Henshaw is J’onn J’onzz. He is the Martian Manhunter.

Being a huge fan of the Bruce Timm animated Justice League show, Manhunter and those Justice League members hold a special place in my heart. The Wally West Flash, the John Stewart Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Superman, Wonder Woman, Kevin Conroy as Batman-all great characters that were fantastic and well done. They stand out in my mind as THE Justice League, accept no substitutes (your move, Warner Bros). However, to complete the line-up, there was J’onn J’onzz, aka the Martian Manhunter, a stern, quiet but also curious and studier of mankind who is the last member of a planet known as Orion. He is the best alien I have ever seen in any show, he acts like a foreign alien but wants to learn and help, even though he can’t be as much a human as, say, Superman. He is a wonderful character.


However, I never thought we’d actually get to see him in live-action, and never thought he’d be in a show I love as much as I love Supergirl-but, here we are. Martian Manhunter has arrived and so far, he is great. David Harewood has proven himself and I believe he is a great choice for this role. It’s only going to be a matter of time before we see what they do with him in this show (and how many more viewers this show is going to get now).

Getting back to the story, Supergirl has lost her powers but still wants to save people, killing her mind when she can’t save a man from death. This story is fantastic and I love how it played out. Kara is so relatable and a great lead that seeing her deal with the need to save everyone and then learn she can’t even though she is a ‘Super’ girl is something that works well in Superman lore and I’m glad they brought it in here. This show is the best Superman show so far and, most likely, we will ever get. The greatness of the first two Superman movies is back and revamped to combine with a fantastic character and world like Supergirl and her team. Even though the scientific explanation is here with the solar flares, there is a hint that a small part of it is psychological, something I like as well. It’s a very smart decision.


There is a moment here where we see Supergirl, powerless and with her broken arm, talking to a robber and stopping him after learning that you can never stop trying to be a hero. This scene and everything about it, including Jimmy Olsen’s role, is nothing short of inspiring and heart-warming. It’s a fantastic moment that celebrates superheroes instead of demeaning them or turning them into something else, like recent DC movies. Between stories like this and the new Martian Manhunter reveal, I think this show and its quality are going to be around for a while and boy, do I need this show.

Grade: A+

Fun Notes:
-Told Ya. That was a good cover for Martian Manhunter, extremely smart and hidden. I am impressed.

-The duality between Cat Grant and Kara/Supergirl is great, I loved the scene cutting back and forth between their speeches. I like how they can relate and help one another. The interview at the end was a great touch, I loved it.

-Astra is back! Here we go…

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