Supergirl Pilot Review

Supergirl Pilot

You will believe a girl can fly!


For the first time since 1980, we have received a superhero movie or show that captures the heart and tone of what made the first two Superman movies great. I was so happy watching this. It’s light, it’s colorful, the tone is just what a Superman story/spin-off should be and in a world where we don’t have the lovable Clark Kent, thanks to Man of Steel, thankfully we have Kara, a smart, quirky, full of life character that loves being on Earth and experiencing the world around her. She is a wonderful character and Melissa Benoist does a great job as Kara! She’s so adorable and full of life that I love her.

As you can tell, it’s the style and tone of the show that I love most. I really missed this style and after Man of Steel and The Dark Knight, I didn’t think we were ever going get it again, especially from DC. On top of the tone, the music score was really good! That’s the best superhero score I have heard in quite some time. Add that with great special effects (you will be believe a girl can fly), a wonderful suit, and it all worked out really well.

There are also some great side characters, especially in Jimmy Olson, here played by Mehcad Brooks. It’s great to see a new type of Jimmy Olson and to see a new timeline where he is older and Superman has been around for a while. He’s a great supporting character here.

Along with Olson, Kara works with the DEO (Department of Extra-normal Operations) where her earth-born sister, Alex Danders, works and inspires her. It’s fascinating to see a hero work with the government and have a common goal with humanity. It adds to the tone and wonder the show has and Alex (played by Chyler Leigh) is another character that adds to the shows.

Now after the trailer, I heard many people complain and worry that this was going to be a bit sexist (myself included) and felt it looked like the SNL Black Widow trailer and, thankfully, this episode and the aim of the show isn’t like that at all! Not only does it avoid being sexist, it actually points out sexism and identifies it as a negative thing. There is a line that is said by an extra “Wow! Finally a Superhero my Daughter can look up to!” It’s all good and feminists, trust me, you have nothing to worry about. This show has earned a fan and is flying strong.

Fun Notes (SPOILERS!):
-I think that’s Faora at the end and Zod is around here somewhere, but people who know more about the Superman universe would know better.
-Seriously, Melissa Benoist is perfect in this, I can’t emphasize that enough.
-Nice to see a newspaper company again in a superhero movie/show! Very much missed.

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