Supergirl “Solitude” Review

Supergirl “Solitude” Review by Kevin Morrison


Kara finally visits the Fortress of Solitude this week to figure out how to fight a new villain who seems to be related to the great Brainiac!

Having decided to leave the DEO last episode, Kara deals with loneliness and decides to work with only Jimmy Olsen to take down a new, techno treat known as Indigo. The theme of being on your own and isolated from those you love is explored here and done pretty well for the most part. It’s interesting to see Kara deal with these problems and made it the perfect time to showcase the Fortress of Solitude.


The Fortress looks AMAZING. It feels like Superman’s home and every little touch to the design is welcomed. It’s cool to see Kara and Olsen, the two most Superman characters on the show, be together as they walk through it and deal with trying to take down Indigo on their own without the DEO’s help. That was very smart.

Her conflict with the DEO is well done too. Even though it is obvious where this is going, I did really like seeing her not relying on her sister or Hank. They were always a huge part of the team and you get that sense especially now they are gone. It’s predictable, but still well executed.


Unfortunately, everything else is just okay. Indigo has a neat look to her but I kept feeling she was a watered down version of Livewire, she wasn’t as interesting as past villains. It’s also frustrating to see them push the Jimmy Olsen and Kara relationship, as it takes up a bit too much of screentime I think and they don’t seem to be a good fit. Beyond the main story, all the extra things thrown in here don’t hold up nearly as well.

Overall, this is another well made and exciting Supergirl episode that does some things really well and some other things in a just okay manner. I hope as the series progresses we get more of Kara and her problems and less of the relationship stuff, even though we already get much less of that here than in The Flash or especially Arrow. Still, I don’t feel it is needed. Even with all that said, Melissa Benoist is amazing and Kara is a three-demensional, great spirited character-and sometimes, that’s all I need.

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