Supergirl “Strange Visitor From Another Planet” Review By Kevin Morrison

Supergirl “Strange Visitor From Another Planet” Review

By Kevin Morrison

Unexpected Visitors Arrive in National City

Bookended with the most frustrating and worst thing this show has given us, a great episode is between exploring the origins of Martian Manhunter, making him the great DC character we know he can be, as well as the back-story of Cat Grant. A whole history is brought into this show and in a surprisingly dark and dramatic manner, which elevates the show and proves you don’t need to be dark and gritty to get people to care and be involved.


A White Manhunter has come to National City, the very species that destroyed the Martians and left J’onn J’onzz the last Martian alive. This brings forth some tough decisions he has to make and one of which is to reveal the history of his people on mars and how they were destroyed. The highlight of this episode is that history and how effectively it is shown. There is real drama and heart behind seeing these people be destroyed and David Harewood gives a fantastic performance as J’onn becomes more developed and full of emotion during it. The effects also look fantastic and I’m impressed how they are able to show the Martians in this manner with a TV budget. Well done.

The other story shows us Cat’s son, Adam, coming back to see her after Kara finishes a letter Cat started to write to him. Another surprising visitor, Adam brings forth much heart and heartbreak for Cat Grant and continues to prove how complex she really is. She had to leave her son and to see them reunite and try to work things out. It’s another extremely well-done story and between this and the Martian Manhunter’s backstory, the side characters have become more emotional and fascinating-all without having to resort to dark imagery or Batman like villains.



However, this is in the middle of Kara’s drama with Winn and…ugh. Winn admitted his feelings to Kara last episode and what does she do? She says no, stops talking to him and then by the end of the episode she agrees to go on a date with Adam. I feel this was very contrived and just prolonging the Winn/Kara relationship we know is going to happen. What a waste.
If it wasn’t for that last part, this whole episode would have been an A easily. Some problems show but the good stuff is so good and impressive that I can’t recommend it enough. Good performances, good drama, still light and fun, Supergirl is going deeper into new territories without losing any of its charm.
Grade: B+

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