Supergirl “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” Review

Supergirl “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” Review by Kevin Morrison

After a week absence (thanks Grammys!), Supergirl is back, dealing with the consequences of last episode involving (SPOILERS!) the death of Kara’s Aunt Astra. During her away time fsupergirlrom Catco, Cat Grant has hired a new assistant to compete with Kara, something that stresses her out to almost no end. On top of all this, a new foe has arrived in the name of the Master Jailer, who is murdering escaped prisoners of Fort Ross, something that actually could be beneficial to the DEO and to Kara who does not want to take responsibility for Astra’s sins.

Supergirls values are explored here as Kara sees what could be seen as the easy way out, even though it goes against what Supergirl stands for. It’s a great story and a great idea which reminds us what is great about Supergirl, as well as makes her relatable and someone we can connect with on a personal level. It’s understandable why she would not be so keen to defeat the Jailer, especially when her personal life needs attending to but it’s also uneasy as we know that is not the right thing for her to do. It reminds me of Spider-Man 2 in a way, where Peter Parker gives up being Spider-Man but in the end knows that is the wrong choice. Unfortunately, it’s all over too quickly.


The Master Jailer looks cool, but amounts to nothing all that special. Still, he does offer an interesting conflict. My main issue here however is that this conflict isn’t explored terribly much, at least not as much as other episodes, and it does get to a point where it feels like filler for later episodes this season. But for what that filler is, it’s fun and still feels like Supergirl! Melissa Benoist and the cast are just as good as always and even though you know where this episode is going, it’s still enjoyable.

Not much else to say this week except it’s another enjoyable Supergirl episode, but not a great one. I like Siobhan, the new assistant to Cat, but she was only on screen for a few minutes. It’s not the defining Supergirl episode but it still manages to make me smile at least.


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