Supernatural ‘American Nightmare’ Review

supernatural-american-nightmareOne week after Mary’s departure we dive into Supernatural American Nightmare.  This episode had the Winchesters sniping at each other and practically not agreeing on anything.  We have an instance of two victims of the stigmata in the same town which is very strange.  Most exciting for me was the revelation of the man on the motorcycle.  We also harkened back to the powers Sam had from the Yellow-Eyed Demon.  I smell something brewing, do you?

The minute this woman walked into the church with her bloody feet I knew we were starting with stigmata.  Of course, this was obvious the more they showed her.  I thought it was surprising the priest stated it was something evil as opposed to a holy display from God.  I guess if it were truly stigmata the woman wouldn’t have dropped dead at the alter.  Having never personally experienced this or seen anyone else experience it, I can’t say for certain if one typically survives the stigmata.

mv5byzzjntuxmdqtythmns00mzhjlwfhzgqtmji3n2vhzwrlzwy4xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjqwntewmtg-_v1_Sam and Dean are investigating together but are as divided as ever.  Dean is still working through issue with his mom and it doesn’t help that she doesn’t appear to be answering his calls or texts.  This is clearly taking a toll on him and he, as usual, lashes out at Sam.  Someone needs to buy Dean some pie and get him to calm down a bit.  I’d hate to see them go back to the incessant bickering that filled previous seasons.

The tension grows through the episode as Sam follows one lead and Dean an other.  Investigating the first victim leads the to where she worked, Child Protective Services.  Dean decides to investigate a coworker that he believes to have been after a promotion.  She states that sometimes families do better after a little time apart.  This strikes a nerve with Dean and he seems to have a personal vendetta against her.

Sam concentrates on a a very religious family that was being monitored by the victim.  They have no electricity or any modern technology.  While he’s investigating, a second victim is revealed and is also tied to this family.  Is this the work of a vengeful ghost?  Nope, just their daughter with some psychic powers who was presumed dead.  She was trying to contact those people psychically but it lead to a series of events resembling the stigmata.  Sam get’s caught, which seems to be his thing this season, and is put with the daughter.  She believed her powers were the work of the Devil but Sam explains she’s not alone.  He tells her about himself and the others he’s met with the same abilities.

mv5bndfimdgxn2mtzmiwzs00nwrklthlytmtztqzndqzmddhnja0xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjqwntewmtg-_v1_Here’s where the lightbulb turned on for me.  I completely forgot about Sam having psychic abilities and telekinesis.  This brings us back to the Yellow-Eyed Demon.  You know, the one who killed Mary Winchester.  Not sure where this is leading, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen this type of power.  Since this is something connected not only to Sam but also Mary I’m wondering why old Yellow-Eyes is being dredged back up and what that could mean for the Winchester family.

Dean get’s to Sam just in time as the mother of the family has poisoned her son and husband and plans to do the same to Sam and her daughter.  The girl is sent on a bus to move into an aunts house and the boys head out on their way.  We assume this is a happy ending for this poor abused girl but we couldn’t be farther from the truth.

This is where we find out the identity of the guy with the motorcycle.  We saw him following Sam and Dean earlier.  He goes after the girl on the bus and kills her.  Who does he call after?  The British Men of Letters.  That’s when he’s identified as Mr. Ketch.  He’s cleaning up after the Winchesters.  Apparently leaving that girl alive wasn’t something they would have done in the United Kingdom.  I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before they decide Sam and Dean are more trouble than they are worth and set out to eliminate them.

This episode had no Cass or Crowley.  They were mentioned after Dean got off a call with Cass.  It seems they find their odd pairing as interesting as I do.  We didn’t see Lucifer either this episode.  I wonder if he’ll still be in Vince Vincente or if he will have found a new vessel when we see him next.  I’ve really liked Rick Springfield’s performance and will miss when he’s no longer Lucifer.

American NightmareI appreciated the inclusion of Mary’s reply to Deans texts.  Not only did she reply but she also apologized for her late response.  Considering her aversion to technology, it’s absolutely plausible that she’d forget to charge a cell phone.  I couldn’t believe a mother would have no response whatsoever to her children.  If they had left the episode with Mary ignoring Dean completely it would have set a very different outlook on her and the future.  This way we know she’s working though things but her children will always be important no matter what.

As our plot continues to unfold we are beginning to see more clearly.  I am interested to see why so much about the Yellow-Eyed Demon was brought up this episode.  I can’t help but feel this is going to be something that will either unite or divide Mary and her sons.  Overall Supernatural American Nightmare was enlightening and keeps us wanting more.

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