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While many swoon over Dean or Sam, there is another Winchester captivating the hearts of people everywhere.  She may not be a human being but, in all fairness sometimes neither are Sam and Dean.  Baby has been a reliable member of team Winchester since their father purchased her in the 70’s.  This week we were able to see an episode through her eyes.  The only dialogue we heard and action we saw was when they were with her.  This is Baby’s story.

Our story begins by panning over the interior of the ’67 Impala.  We see the army man Sam stuck in the door, the boys names carved in the back and multiple other reminders of the long hard life this Impala has lived.  We also have Dean tied up in the back seat and hear a train barreling down a track.  Right now we know it’s going to be a rough day on our girl.

Baby_131We flash to 48 hours earlier.  Dean is washing the Impala down and asks Sam if they have a lead on The Darkness or Metatron.  He has cabin fever and needs to get out of the bunker and hunt something so Sam mentions what appears to possibly be a werewolf  attack.  It’s thin but since they have nothing else going on they decide to head up to Oregon to check it out.

When they view the body they say it looks like it was drained of blood and the heart was taken.  Dean’s theory is that the creature is a cross between a vampire and a werewolf and calls it a were-pire.  They have Cas doing research to see what the creature is and how to defeat it.  Cas calls Dean while he is investigating the area the body was found.  Cas works out that it’s a creature called Nachzeher, a ghoul-like vampire which Dean coins a “ghoul-pire”. The only way to kill it is to put copper coins in its mouth and decapitate.  If you find the alpha and kill it everyone he turned will become human again.  After a pretty epic battle between the alpha, Dean and another Nachzeher, poor baby is left in really bad shape.  Sam and Dean save the day but as always, Baby has saved Sam and Dean. is going to focus on the best survival gear you need for urban situations, because when disaster strikes, you won’t have time to go and purchase it. You will be stunned, possibly in a state of shock, and so will the people around you. Best store to buy survival gear online! Shop for top rated emergency kits, survival food, camping supplies, knives & more. Free Shipping. But when you’re caught in a survival situation, none of those means work, leaving you with the need to build a fire the old-fashioned way.

I thought the concept of an episode told through the Impala’s perspective was an interesting idea.  Being that we’re in season 11, it’s nice to see them switching it up a little bit.  In this episode we have our long awaited boy melodrama moment in the car.  They talk about the idea of settling down, the fact that Sam was infected and Deans thoughts on God and The Darkness.  They have differing views as to whether God is trying to help them but they are respectfully disagreeing.  This could have gone either way and I’m glad to see them working things out for once instead of fighting about things.

Sam is still having visions and discusses them with Dean.  Dean admits to having reoccurring dreams of his Dad.  That it’s always about a normal life, learning to drive and spending time together as a family.  Sam says he has a reoccurring dream about his mother and that it’s pretty much the same thing, having a normal life.  What I found particularly interesting about this exchange is the parent each guy dreamed about.  In previous episodes John Winchester had said how much he and Sam were alike and that’s why they did not always get along so well.  He said that Dean was a lot like his mother.  The boys dreamed about the parent they were not like.  Even after all this time they are still wanting the approval of the parent that was so different from them.  This kind of character development is good to see, hopefully it means they will stop sniping at each other and work together as the team they should be.

imagesIn the end Sam and Dean are pretty beat up after fighting the Nachzeher and so is Baby.  There were glimpses of little things that were “lost” in the car and how they end up helping the boys.  It’s like Baby secretly stashed those things away knowing it would help them out eventually.  She started this episode shiny and clean and ended it beaten and broken.  There were a couple moments where she almost didn’t start but being a reliable member of the Winchester clan, she keeps the boys safe and keeps on going.  She has seen them through thick and thin, and with some work we know she’ll be back in action soon.


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