Supernatural: The Bad Seed Review


Amara’s growing up before our very eyes.  Sam and Dean are no closer to locating her and now their dealing with a cursed angel on top of it all.  Crowley is attempting to raise Amara but I’m sure that’s going to blow up in his face.  All in all, just normal episodes about our favorite hunter’s Sam and Dean Winchester.

The Bad Seed begins with Rowena trying to sell her new “Mega Coven” to the surviving member’s of The Grand Coven.  They’re less than amused so she kills them and moves on to another group of witches.  Once she finds out Crowley’s still kicking she decides it might be good to skip town.  After all she did just try to kill him via a cursed angel.  Rowena is fantastic at being evil because she will do whatever she needs to to get what she wants.  Her biggest weakness is her drive for power.

Crowley is attempting to raise Amara so as to have her on his side.  He gets her a nanny to teach her and care for her.  Amara’s hunger for souls continues to grow, soon there may be no more demons in hell!  At one point she tells Crowley she’s hungry and he has a tray of treats brought to her by the nanny.  She looks a bit put off, gets up and sucks the nanny’s soul out.  Since the bodies are only kept alive by the demon within, when she sucks the soul out it kills the demon.  Crowley decides she’s growing too fast and to be sure she’s on his team they’ll have to slow her growth down a little.  This doesn’t appear to go over very well with Amara.  She’s now a young woman and her hunger for souls is insatiable.  It looks like Crowley may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Cas begins the episode still struggling with the curse.  He’s fighting it but it seems the curse is digging itself deeper and deeper into him.  If he weren’t an angel he would have been dead long ago, now it looks like the curse is just taking control of him.  Sam is convinced only Rowena can remove the curse, but they’ll have to find her first.  Cas ends up breaking free and is out on a rampage.  Sam and Dean will have to find way to stop him.

1103_41383Sam and Dean are doing a lot of research in this episode between looking for Rowena and trying to help Cas. They come across some information that leads them back to Rowena.  They catch up with her just as she’s about to skip town.  As they search for Cas, Rowena reveals that Sam made a deal with her to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean.  In return he agreed to kill Crowley.  Dean was not happy to hear there was yet another secret being kept.  Clearly this was Rowena’s attempt to cause division between the brothers.  Hopefully this will get them to sit down and talk so they can get out all their secrets and move forward.  When they do find Cas, he’s in really bad shape.  He’s about to attack a girl when Dean intervenes.  Cas attacks Dean and is beating him pretty bad when Rowena finally uses her magic to remove the curse.  She escapes the Winchester’s but at least Cas is finally ok.  He feels bad for the beating he gave Dean and offer’s to heal him.  Dean refuses it and it seems he’s punishing himself for everything last season.

They’ve survived Rowena’s attempt to divide them.  Let’s hope they actually start talking and bring their secrets into the open.  Dean still needs to talk about his connection to The Darkness and Sam hasn’t told Dean that he was infected.  I’m still waiting for the brothers to be open and honest with each other so their energies are so spent on keeping secrets.

Cas is finally not cursed.  I’m sure he’ll need some time to recover from everything but we know angels heal faster than humans.  Having him back on the team will be helpful.  Clearly, there’s a lot happening in both Heaven and Hell with The Darkness being released.  Having someone tuned in to angel radio will help the brother’s with working out how to stop The Darkness.

Crowley may come regret his decision to raise The Darkness.  At the rate she’s consuming souls, there will be no demons left in hell.  How long until she runs through all them and starts consuming humans again.  Sam’s visions of The Cage still have me convinced they need to go back there and get either Lucifer, Michael or their brother to help stop her.  She wants to create a world all her own.  she has plans and has had penalty of time to think about how she would want to do things.  Her lack of  regard for good or evil really makes you wonder what her plan will be.  Knowing God locked her away in a box really leads me to think that whatever her plans are cannot be good for mankind.

The episode is entitled.  We’ll get to see an episode purely from the ’67 Impala’s perspective.  She’s a hero in this show, keeping the brother’s safe from harm and reliably getting them where they need to go.  It’s time for her to be in the spotlight.

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