Supernatural: Form and Void Review


Supernatural is back in full swing.  Dean is on the road bringing Jenna and baby Amara to a safe place.  Sam is in the zombie town fighting and is newly infected with the virus himself.  They wasted no time getting us back in the saddle this season.

In Form and Void we see the toll the virus is taking on Sam.  He captures another infected to try to learn the path the virus takes.  What he discovers is that the infection progresses at different rates for different people.  All his research and questions have lead no where and even after talking with Dean again he still has not told him he’s infected.

spn_0078He comes across a Reaper named Billie in the hospital he’s holed up in.  She has a message and warns him that with Death gone there are some new rules, if one of them dies they will stay dead this time.  They won’t go to heaven or hell, they’ll be thrown into the empty and there’s no coming back from that.  Billie warns Sam he’s close to death and that he’s “unclean in the biblical sense”.

As the infection progresses in Sam, he goes to the chapel to pray for help for Dean.  He’s asked for hope, for a sign.  That’s when he starts having flashes of when he was in The Cage.  Two episodes in a row with references to The Cage.  I get the feeling we’re going to be seeing some of the occupants in future episodes.  The infection has gone so far we know Sam doesn’t have much time left.  He’s hearing voices.  He concentrates on what the reaper said and reads that lighting holy oil ablaze is how they cleansed things in the Bible.  When he does this the infection clears.  He’s able to capture others that are infected and cure them as well so they set out to help the rest of the town.

supernatural 11x02 form and voidDean brought Jenna and Amara to Jenna’s grandmother’s house.  He leaves but when baby Amara shows some scary telekinesis powers he heads back to help.  He calls Sam to check on him and let’s him know he’s going back to help Jenna.  When Dean gets to the house, Jenna’s grandmother called a priest and they sent an exorcist which happens to be Crowley.  Dean and the King of Hell are discussing what Amara could be.  Inside Amara sucks out Jenna’s soul and chaos ensues.  When Dean get’s to Amara he finally sees the Mark of Cain and realizes who she is.  While they fight with Jenna, Amara grows from an infant to a young girl.  Apparently soul sucking is how she’ll grow into The Darkness Dean saw in his vision.  She finds some clothes and slips away before Dean realizes but not before Crowley realized.  Crowley finds Amara walking down the street and invites her into his van to eat the souls of a family.  What a creep.

Cas spent most of this episode being tortured by Efram and Jonah.  Hannah does come to stop them and is trying to find out where Metatron is.  That’s when Cas comes to grips with the fact that this was a set up and Hannah is part of it.  In a surge of adrenaline he is able to stope them from hacking his brain and fights his way free.  He ends up at the Men of Letters headquarters with Sam and Dean.  Seeing another episode of Castiel being tortured so intensely was torture of the viewer.  At least now he’s away from the angels and is on the road to recovery.  I’m sure coming back from Rowena’s curse will not be easy, hopefully it doesn’t take all season to have our favorite conflicted angel back in fighting shape.

Billie is a fun new addition and I hope we see her again.  As frustrated as she is with the Winchester brothers, she did give Sam the information he needed to find the cure.   Crowley is back to his old tricks.  He said he’d take Amara out once he’s done with her.  I’m sure somehow this will blow up his face and he’ll need Moose and Squirrel to clean up the mess.


Sam and Dean are back together at the Men of Letters headquarters.  They know how to cure the zombie virus and that Amara is The Darkness.  Sam doesn’t know that Dean and The Darkness are bound to one another and Dean doesn’t know Sam was infected.  They still aren’t talking but granted the weren’t together much in this episode.  I’ll give them a pass but they need to start talking to each other soon or this could turn into a real issue between them.  Hopefully we’ll have a boy melodrama moment in Baby soon.

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