Supernatural ‘Mamma Mia’ Review

Supernatural Mamma MiaWhen you bring back a character that’s been dead for a few decades you need to allow some time for the character to acclimate to their surroundings.  You forget that other people need to adjust to having them around again.  In Supernatural Mamma Mia we see how hard it is not only on Mary Winchester, but also for her sons Sam and Dean.  Is it possible that by bringing Mary back it will create a rift between the brothers?

This week we started out with a scene I had to believe was not real from the start.  Sam was in bed with Toni.  It’s clear she’s still trying to get information from him.  Thankfully, the scene dissolves to show he’s still in the basement.  He hasn’t lost his mind and run off with Toni.  During this scene Toni reveals that in Britain, the hunters report to the Men of Letters.  In Britain hunters are a tool for the Men of Letters.  It appears her biggest concern is why so many monsters run rampant when they have battled so many.

Cass and Dean continue their search for Sam.  Mary has expressed her concerns over hunting and their safety.  Her biggest concern is how she’s going to face Sam.  She feels like everything they’ve been through is her fault going all the way back to the yellow-eyed demon.

supernatural-s12-e2On their way to the farm where Sam is being held, Mary and Dean discuss what happened when she died.  Dean explains that hunting consumed him and his father.  Hunting was never really what Sam wanted, he wanted out and left to go to college.  Once John went missing they knew all they had in the world, aside from the car, was each other.  Mary looks crestfallen at this revelation.  Is she going to hold Dean responsible for Sam coming back to being a hunter?  This could create a lot of conflict and tension with the Winchesters as the season progresses.

At the farm, Cass cannot get too close to the house due to all the protection warding the location.  Dean goes alone in an attempt to find Sam and is soon caught in a trap.  Toni enters the basement with Dean in tow.  She hopes by torturing Dean she will retrieve the information from Sam.  We all know this will be a fruitless endeavor on Toni’s part.  Sam and Dean would never give her information no matter how much she tortures them.

Toni’s attempts are bringing her no closer to answers when Mary ambushes and they are able to gain the upper hand.  Just as they are about to escape, a colleague of Toni’s enters and makes them an offer.  His name is Mick and he claims he is there to offer an olive branch from the British Men of Letters.  He claims the British Men of Letters want to work with Sam and Dean and asks that they think it over before turning it down.  He claims he’ll take Toni to London to be punished for what she did.  Later Mick reveals to Toni he’s called in reinforcements and that Mr. Ketch is on his was to handle things for them.  None of this looks good, we see Mr. Ketch packing up guns and leaving his flat in London.


After luring Lucifer to Hell, Crowley proposes Lucifer take over Heaven since God is on sabbatical.  Lucifer is clearly not interested so Rowena uses a powerful spell to paralyze Lucifer.  Crowley throws sulfuric acid on Lucifer’s vessel to draw him out.  When his face is nearly melted off Crowley tells Rowena to banish him back to the cage.  This is when everything goes pear shaped.  Lucifer’s eyes glow red and then he begins to glow white, like an angel.  Behind him we see his wings silhouetted, has Lucifer returned now to full power?  He heals the face of his vessel and Rowena is no longer able to paralyze him.  Crowley disappears and Rowena is left alone with Lucifer.  He decides to keep her as a prisoner rather than kill her.

Rowena may not always be a sympathetic character and she’s typically opportunistic.  Her love for herself does not always endear her to viewers but seeing her in such a vulnerable position makes you feel sorry for her.  She is a very powerful witch and you know Lucifer is going to use her and treat he terribly in the process.

Mamma Mia has given us a clearer picture of what this season will entail.  We know more about the British chapter of the Men of Letters and understand they don’t agree with how things are handled in the United States.  Maybe their fears that the U.S hunters are compromised is founded because of all the monsters reeking havoc.  They believe the American hunters to be just as dangerous and the monsters and will do whatever they can to neutralize the threat.

Mary may be a good hunter however, this is not the life she wanted for her boys and she’s not happy this is where they ended up.  It’s been clear she is disappointed Sam ended up back in the life after he was able to get out.  This may create conflict between Dean and Mary and divide the Winchesters once again.  Lucifer may have been burning through vessels before but something happened with the spell Rowena did.  Maybe rather than returning his essence to the Cage it returned the glory to his essence and gave him the power he needed to return.

mv5bzmjlnmy5yzmtmwm5mc00ytuwlwizndmtodczntuyntczoguyxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjkwodcwmdu-_v1_This episode had a bit more action than the last and propelled our storyline further but it also had some touching family moments.  It gave a good look into the new Winchester family dynamic.  There’s a scene close to the end of the episode at the bunker where they have just finished eating dinner.  They’re talking about food and Mary asks if Dean still likes pie.  The scene is comical but at the same time shows them sharing a moment as a real family.  There’s a touching moment with Sam and Mary.  He’s just given her John’s journal and said it helped him fill in the blanks but that having her there fills in the biggest blank.

Will Mary come around and see that her son’s are closer because of hunting or will the seeds of discord begin to grow and drive the Winchesters apart?  Knowing the British Men of Letters is out there and calling in their reinforcements, we know another conflict is on the horizon.  I just hope they sort out their domestics before taking on the Men of Letters or this could get very messy.  I look forward to the next episode and hope they keep the momentum going.

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