Supernatural: The One You’ve Been Waiting For


Supernatural: The One You’ve Been Waiting For

In Supernatural The One You’ve Been Waiting For, we encounter the Thule and deal with some Nazi zealots.  They have a plan to bring Hitler back to inhabit a new body.  We are again revisiting a creature from seasons past.  I can’t help but feel the connection this season to older episodes.  I’m excited to see where the road is leading us.

A woman meets with an antiques dealer regarding a pocket watch from the 1930’s.  The dealer spontaneously combusts while holding the watch.  Now at this point, I think I’d high tail it out of the store and never go back but this greedy Nazi woman goes to retrieve the watch.  Don’t worry, she get’s hers as she also begins to burn courtesy of the Thule lurking in the background.

Sam and Dean read about these bizarre deaths and head over to Ohio to investigate.  They find a room filled with Nazi paraphernalia at the antique shop.  After some research they discover the watch belonged to one of Hitler’s inner circle and know this will involve the Thule.  They soon learn the Thule are attempting to bring back the Führer.

mv5byjuzndm3yjctodllos00ndczlwfinwqtnwuxndzjyje5mgu0xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjqwntewmtg-_v1_While the boys are connecting the dots, the Thule are busy collecting a young woman named Ellie.  They need her alive and are tracking her by her blood.  I assumed she had to somehow be related to Hitler.  They seem to have no problem killing people who get in their way.  They are hunting this girl and there has to be a reason to keep her alive.

My hunch pays out and it turns our they need her blood to bring Hitler back.  They have saved a piece of his soul in the watch.  I love that one of the Thule’s sons refers to the watch as being like a horcrux.  They said it right about the same time I was saying it.  I’ll admit to being a little overly excited that one of my other fandoms was mentioned in the episode even if Dean seemed perturbed by the reference.  At one point Dean actually says “Nazi’s, I hate these guys.” just like Indiana Jones and again I was overwhelmed by the reference.  This episode gave me a lot of fun “fangirl” moments.

The Thules are transferring the blood from Ellie into one of the other Thules who has decided he is more fit to be Hitler’s vessel.  I have to say, Hitler was much more excitable than I imagined him to be.  He seemed so stern and cross in the archival footage I’ve seen.  Here he was laughing, albeit maniacally, and he appeared to be in a jovial mood over all.  Of course Sam and Dean enter and put an end to all this.

They fight the Thule and help to free Ellie.  The Winchesters are able to gain the upper hand and Dean get’s the pleasure of killing Hitler.  Through this whole scene all I could think of was Doctor Who’s episode ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ and of Rory putting Hitler in a cupboard.  When I first saw that episode I liked it a lot but, the more I watched it the more it grew on me.  I feel the same way with this episode.  The more I watch it the more I find myself cheering when Dean kills him.

mv5bodrmnzfhotktodq1yy00zwzklwe5ytitm2m3odkwmda3nddhxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjqwntewmtg-_v1_We are now five episodes in to this season and have not positively identified the theme tying this season together.  The only common thread so far is that every episode is taking us into the Winchester’s history.  I am convinced that this season is circling back for a reason.  Amara told Dean he gave her what she needed and so she’d give him what he needed, his mother.  I believe this is because things are going back to their past and maybe she holds the key to the Winchesters triumph over evil once again.

This episode of Supernatural is aptly titled.  The One You’ve Been Waiting For is supposed to allude to the Thule waiting for Hitler but I can’t help but see the connection with older seasons and this episode seemed to clinch it.  We might not see the big picture until we’re further out but there has to be a reason we’re revisiting the past so much and I can’t help but think it’s because of Mary.  So Dean, we all know you killed Hitler.   Please have a pie or two on us, something tells me you’ll need the energy!

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