Supernatural: Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire Review


We’ve had 10 seasons of Sam and Dean hunting evil, their own personal demons and occasionally each.  Sometimes they work together as an unstoppable force and other times their secrets drive them apart. Now, with the Mark of Cain gone, will Sam and Dean be able to put aside their differences and work together to save humanity from The Darkness that is spreading?

Last season ended with The Darkness being released as a way to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean.  The Darkness is so evil that God shut it away and used the Mark of Cain as the key to it’s door.  Our two hero’s are talking with each other in the Impala when The Darkness hits.  Dean ends up outside the Impala and has a vision of The Darkness where she thanks him for releasing her.  When he wakes up, he’s miles from the Impala.  Sam wakes in the Impala after a nasty bang on the head.

They head back to town only to find people have gone completely bonkers.  They happen upon a member of a road crew that appears to be a zombie.  The rest of the crew is dead and a deputy named Jenna helps kill the last road crew member.  The people in this area seem to be turning into murderous zombies and Sam and Dean are on the case.

With the deputy they head to the local hospital for supplies and happen upon man who asks them to take his new born daughter Amara and keep her safe.  Her mother died in childbirth and he is newly infected but hasn’t gone crazy yet.  Sam postulates that whatever was in the mist effected the people directly exposed to it.  The reason he and Dean are ok is because they were in the Impala.  People who were inside cars or buildings are fine until they are exposed to the virus by bodily fluids.  Dean is going to take Jenna and baby Amara away from the town to give them the best chance of survival.  While Dean is driving we see the Mark of Cain on Amara in the same place it was on The Darkness.  Sam stays behind and try to work on a cure for the infected town.  He ends up exposed to the virus after he’s attacked by a group of the infected.

maxresdefaultCastiel calls out to the Angels to help him.  The curse Rowena put on him is taking it’s toll.  Jonah and Efram appear to him but it doesn’t look like they want to help him at all.  Every time Cas is on screen all you can think is “poor Cas”.  He’s been so brutalized, even his eyes look like they’re in pain every time he blinks.  Maybe it’s because I felt so bad for him but I really just wanted them to move his story along a little faster.  All we see is him being tortured both physically and mentally.

Crowley escaped his meat suit prior to Cas plunging the blade in his back.  He’s currently stuck in a bored housewife and trying to get back to his meat suit.  In true Crowley fashion, anytime he was on screen would lead to a chuckle and/or a cringe.  Once he’s back in his usual meat suit we learn how much The Darkness has already impacted upon her release.  Even in The Cage, both Lucifer and Michael know and one of them is not happy.

This season has started out very strong.  After an intense finale last season, it was nice to pick up right where we left off.  They’ve promised us that the guys will have less fighting between them and will work together as a team.  We’ve heard this all before and I’m disinclined to believe it until I see it.  Already, they’re not off to a good start.  Dean hasn’t told Sam the full extent of his vision with The Darkness.  Sam hasn’t told Dean he was exposed to the zombie virus and he’s showing symptoms.  I know he’s good with computers and research but I don’t know how that would ever help him with a zombie virus no one has encountered before.  When this all comes out somehow I’m sure they’ll fight and add this to the long grudge list they have for one another.

supernaturalSeeing evil as an innocent baby is very strange and unsettling.  I can’t see Amara staying a baby for long though.  I’m sure evil would rather not be in the form of a helpless baby and I also can’t see Sam or Dean hurting an infant.  I’m not sure if she’ll have an accelerated growth rate or what she’ll need to do to grow up.  I am sure Amara will soon look like The Darkness that Dean spoke to in his vision.  We haven’t heard mention of The Cage, Michael or Lucifer in a while so hearing those references made me wonder if we were going need one of them to stop Amara.  So we’re on the road of season 11 with peril, adventure and evil lurking around every corner; carry on my wayward son.

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