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With the big reveal last week regarding Amara’s identity, I went into this week knowing it would be a lighter story and probably wouldn’t have a lot to do with Amara or the current plot line.  Other than one mention after the credits of Amara being God’s sister, she’s not brought up for the rest the episode.  In earlier seasons an episode like this was done to introduce us to new types of bad guys however, this episode reinforced information we already know about ghosts and possession.  I’m not sure if in a future episode that will be information we need or if they just wanted another ghost story.  Given the recent Lizzie Borden story it feels like they are preparing us for something.

Sam has been pouring over the biblical lore that Cas has brought them.  Most of it is in Aramaic but the bits that aren’t make no mention of Amara. Sam gets a call from Sheriff Donna.  She requests their assistance in Cottage Grove, Minnesota after a young man in a bunny mask kills another man in his home.  He was freakishly strong and they can’t identify him or get the mask off of him.

Supernatural-season-11-episode-7-Dean-Sam-DonnaAt first they think they’re dealing with a cursed object.  The young man dies and the mask comes off so they burn it.  Sorry guys, you haven’t figured out yet.  It’s way too early in the episode.  Then a young girl who is the mascot for her school pummels the coach with a kettle bell.  It was hard for the incredibly strong quarterback to subdue her.  Using rock salt they area able to scare the ghost out of her and they burn the mask.  She tells them it was donated by Rita Johnson to the school.

Sam and Dean track down Rita and find out the costumes are from her deceased brother.  He was a children’s performer but she claims he has no connection to the murdered man and the coach who’s now in a coma.  She gives a list of all the costumes and where they were donated to.

A creepy clown visits the coach in the hospital and finishes the job the mascot started.  At the same time Sam’s headed back to the hospital and it just so happens the clown gets on the elevator with Sam.  He uses iron to lift the ghost possession and they burn the next mask. If you’ve determined that it is time to write your senior newspaper or some other assignment, then you need to be aware you could write my essay now . A lot of men and women think that they cannot write the papers since they don’t have the skills, understanding or the ideal resources. In reality, you don’t need to be a professor of language in a college to compose a composition. There are many kinds of academic essay written by students all around the world. Expect to undergo a good deal of pressure, particularly if you lack the required writing abilities and experience on academic essay writing.

Supernatural-season-11-episode-7-Dean-Rita-MaxDean finds out from the first victim’s wife that her husband and the coach had been friends since high school.  They both accused Rita’s brother of doing something inappropriate with their children.  Rita tells Sam and Dean that she didn’t believe the accusations at first but started to wonder and then worry about her own son.  She contacted the men and they said they’d handle it.  They meant to scare him by dangling him over the bridge but he was dropped accidentally.

Sam and Dean realize the ghost is here for vengeance on the two men and his sister.  Donna calls to tell them all the masks from the list have been burned.  Dean asks about the deer mask Rita mentioned in her story and she replies there isn’t a deer on on they list.  Just then Rita’s son walks in the room wearing a dear mask.  They use iron to get the mask off and Sam goes to burn it while Dean gets the mother and son into a salt circle.  That’s when the ghost appears and attacks the boys with the usual head trauma.  Sam burns the mask just in time to save Dean.

In the end they have their boy melodrama moment while in the Impala.  Sam admits to praying to find out why he keeps seeing the cage.  He thinks he needs to go back because the answer to all of this may be in the cage.  Dean says it’s not an option, it’s suicide and Sam’s not going back in there.  Sam agrees but the look on his face says otherwise.

maxresdefaultThere were definitely some fun scenes for regular viewers.  For example when the quarterback is working out and sees his breath.  Any fan of Supernatural should be yelling “GET SOME SALT!” right about now because we know there’s a ghost somewhere in this gym.  I personally liked Sam’s reaction to seeing a picture of a clown.  His face was priceless when the clown got onto the elevator with him.  It was nice of the Winchester’s to tell Donna she’s now a hunter since she has three cases under her belt.  She was delighted to be called that by the boys and Dean’s face when she hugs them was comical.

Overall it was a good episode even though we had no more than mention of a phone conversation with Cas and no Crowley at all.  Sheriff Donna provided her usual comic relief and her wide-eyed appreciation of the Winchester’s is sweet.  It did feel like this episode was to remind us about dealing with vengeful ghosts and possession.  If it’s not setting something up it seems like a strange one off to have this season.

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