Supernatural Season 12: What We Know & Learned at San Diego Comic Con


Supernatural Season 12: What We Know & Learned at San Diego Comic Con

Misha Collins:

*They cast has outlines through the first eight episodes and Cas comes out swinging at the beginning of the season. He’s a man on a mission trying to hunt down Lucifer.

*We have some time travel in this season.

*We are largely moving away from the heaven storyline. So it’s going to more dealing in the human realm, rather than with the politics of heaven.

*This season is much more family-based. It’s much more human scale, which I think the show has kind of done over the season.

Ruth Connell:

*Five or six years ago, Ruth Connell had never heard of Comic Con.

*She thinks we are going to see more interaction between Crowley and Rowena. She doesn’t know if Rowena finds out if she is a grandma or not.

*Ruth Connell would like to see Rowena dig deeper into her magic.

Samantha Smith:

*Samantha never expected to have Mary come back. When they called me in the spring to ask if I wanted to be in the finale, I thought, “oh I guess the show’s over.”

*Supernatural is my dream job.

*Samantha has done fight training and weapons training for this next season.

*They’re bringing an element of strong female ass-kick-erage.

*Sammy is 5 years older than Mary and Dean is 9 years older than Mary.

*Mary will not be there the whole season straight through, but it is definitely a chunk.

Mark A. Sheppard:

*Rick Springfield will be playing the first vessel of Lucifer in this season.

*Crowley is always at least one step ahead. That’s the way Mark has always played him.

*Mark Sheppard on what he wants to see Crowley do: “all I really want to do is sing.”

*Mark Sheppard thinks [the family theme] a good idea. The notion of a big bad is an interesting concept, but we have more stories within us.

*I’d love to see a weekend at Crowley’s at some point.

Robert Singer:

*The British Men of Letters will play a big part this year. Our guys and British Men of Letters will butt heads because their methodology is different.

*1st half of season is a hunt for Lucifer as he is body jumping.

*This season we will see Jodi, Sherriff Donna Hanscum, Claire, Alex, and a few more characters return.

*When [Sam and Dean] get together, they are much more single minded this year in terms of what their mission is for the year. For the first time in a couple of seasons, they are on the same page. We are getting back to our roots a little bit.

*We have three new writers this year.

*On the idea of international hunting, Robert says we’ve gone international a little bit to the graveyards in Scotland. To really do it effectively is probably outside of our capabilities. It is a dream of ours to actually do that.

*The British Men of Letters see everything in black and white.

Jensen Ackles:

*Mary has to adjust back to modern technology, cell phones and the internet. Her adjustment is gonna be a little strenuous on the relationship.

*There’s going to be a lot of hesitancy. She is another avenue to get at the brothers. There’s vulnerability that comes with her presence.

*The season very quickly becomes Liam Neeson from Taken.

*Dean and Sam get back together eventually and get back to them taking cases, driving down the road, listening to the rock music and hunting things that go bump in the night.

Jared Padalecki:

*We just did a lot of torture stuff this past week.

*Sam is in a funny position like “wait you are all British Men of Letters, and we’re all on the same side.” It kind of echoes a lot of what is going on in the world as we speak.

*Jared says that Supernatural is not always about the rosey ending and sometimes there’s going to be some shit and unanswered questions and that’s life.

Andrew Dabb:

*The really important thing to us to making the conflict and the stakes personal to Sam and Dean.

*Mary is incredibly proud of Sam and Dean but she’s conflicted because she knows the dangers of this life.

*Sam and Mary have a lot in common, but when it comes down to it, she is more like Dean. She is take charge, kick ass. That’s her go to move. She’s a very vulnerable character, but she’s not a soft character.

Season 12 of Supernatural premieres on October 13th, 2016 on The CW!


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