The Big Bang Theory: Season 9 Premiere Review

The long-awaited wedding of Penny and Leonard was to be the highlight of the episode, along with what will Sheldon do with the engagement ring he has for Amy? Will they end up back together? WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

We were left with these burning questions. The episode did end up centering around Leonard and Penny’s wedding which happened in Vegas amid some troubling confessions by Leonard that not only did he cheat on Penny, but that he works with that person. They go through with the wedding, but shortly after end up in a fight and back in their separate apartments once home. We don’t know where this is going to go, but for the love of God, please don’t have made us wait that long for a marriage for it to then be annulled!

sheldon-amy-mainAnd Sh-Amy. Poor Sh-Amy. Sheldon is broken-hearted and angry towards women and very upset with Amy that she needs time to think. He keeps pestering her and she finally tells him that it is officially over. This fan here was heart-broken, but I am so glad Mrs. Cooper was giving Sheldon the advice not to send the ring back, and give it time. This gives us some hope that Sh-Amy may last!

Overall, I felt the episode was really short and not much development happened, but that’s probably just my eagerness to know where the story is headed. I can’t wait to hear more from everyone on The Big Bang Theory. Team Sh-Amy and Team L-enny all the way!



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