The Flash “Gorilla Warfare” Review: Gorilla Grodd has returned.

The Flash “Gorilla Warfare” Review By Kevin Morrison: Gorilla Grodd has returned.

Barry and Team Flash are still recovering from last week’s run-in with Zoom, but Central City is still running-including its villainous, but confused inhabitant Gorilla Gordd. With his injuries still recovering and Dr. Harrison Wells wanting to return to Earth-2, Barry is left to re-build on his own-or so it seems to him.

Grodd uses his mind-control to capture Caitlyn Snow and wants her to create more gorillas like him, a sinister plot with, needless to say, dire consequences. I can’t believe a network show has a gorilla as its villain. It is truly a testament to today’s television that people can accept-and, more important, want-a villain like this and to have a big gorilla villain is admittedly kinda cool.

the flash gorilla

In order to rescue Caitlyn while Barry is still recovering, the idea comes about to disguise Dr. Wells as the now-dead Earth-1 Wells, who accepts as Snow has been kind to him. This is an extremely smart idea and it lets us see the Wells-Zoom we knew from Season 1-and remember what it was that we feared and hated about him. Tom Cavanagh does a great job as Wells, showing a variety of emotions and mind-sets. This is an actor who is really committed to this show.

Flash Choke

Who also returns to this episode is Barry’s dad, Henry, played by original Flash John Wesley Shipp. Shipp is a great addition to the show and I am happy he is back, it’s great to see him a part of Team Flash and now out of jail. The father-son relationship between him and Barry is also great, as he reminds Barry he isn’t alone and that he is inspiring people-he’s inspiring his father. It’s a very good plotline and personal story-arc, but perhaps it could have blended better with a main storyline not like the Grodd one. However, I can tell future episodes will invoke this and follow-up on these ideas.

Seeing Team Flash work together to stop Grodd is a blast and the show remains as fun and poignant as ever. It’s great to see a show take these amount of risks and succeed as well as it is. I hope Henry comes back for good and becomes a main cast member-and I also hope that wasn’t the last we have seen of Grodd. This show has a lot to offer and it’s serving it up really well.

Grade: A-

Fun Notes (SPOILERS):

-Cisco’s Princess Bride reference was awesome and subtle at the same time! I really loved that, only true fans will catch it in the beginning.
-Caitlyn Snow is getting better and better the more independent she is. Cisco too. I wonder if I’m going to like Vibe and Killer Frost more.
-Henry better return, I really like this character.
-That Ending. That Song. Perfection. I love Batty (Barry and Patty-yeah I know, deal with it.) Also, HAWKGIRL! I’m excited!

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