The Flash “King Shark” Review

The Flash “King Shark” Review by Kevin Morrison

The breaches are closed, there’s no way back to Earth-2 and Zoom is stuck there. Everything is great right? Well, Team Flash didn’t count on one thing…

the flash

King Shark has returned, one of Zoom’s minions from Earth-2 who has been held captive since his last encounter with Barry and was believed to be dead. Dealing with the aftermath of the Earth-2 adventure, Barry, Cisco and Wells all have to deal with the secrets they may not be able to keep and try to move on from the hell that Earth-2 is becoming. Perfect timing for King Shark to make an appearance and for the team to focus on something else…but it’s not that easy.

The aftermath of Earth-2 is handled in very smart and appropriate ways. Cisco becomes scared that Caitlin will become Killer Frost, while Barry cannot stop thinking about the Iris and Joe West he left behind. I like both of these issues and they bring a sense of family between all these characters, making them closer than they ever have been before. We are definitely not done with Earth-2 yet but to be able to spend some time to have these characters reflect and take in what happened the last few episodes. There are really big ideas explored here between nature vs. nurture and finding yourself that are shown in very creative ways.

the flash

On top of all this, it feels like a comic-book come to life between cameos by Diggle and Lila from Arrow and the villain being a half-human, half-shark hybrid. King Shark is a welcome return and a great villain, along with all the ideas explored with Earth-2. The show proves to us that you can explore these ideas and have great stories while staying true to your roots. It’s very effective how they set-up this world and atmosphere where things like a 2nd Earth can happen. Instead of dark and real, it feels like another work and that is where the show excels.

I did not see the Zoom twist coming and after last week I feel kinda dumb for not realizing who he was. This will be interesting though!


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