The Flash Season 2 Premiere: “The Man Who Saved Central City” Review By Kevin Morrison


Back in a Flash.

WARNING: Minor Spoilers Ahead!

After a promising first season, The Flash returns, continuing the story of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), the young man who was struck by lightning and given the power of super speed and uses this power to help his friends at STAR Labs and capture those also affected by the lightning storm in order to make Central City a safe place. And after a whopper of a cliffhanger last season, The Flash returns at full speed, reminding us why we like the show and what makes the characters interesting.

6 months ago, Barry Allen stopped a wormhole that threatened to destroy Central City-but not without the sacrifice of a friend. With this in mind, Barry questions whether or not he is deserving of the title of ‘The Man who Saved Central City’ and starts to feel guilty. This provides the emotional story of the episode and reminds us what makes Barry relatable, even though he has a great superpower that we all will never receive (well…most of us).

There is still a great blend of dark elements, but still a ton of humor and creativity that makes the show fun. This episode also adds some very heartfelt moments, particularly between Barry and his dad (played by the original Flash John Wesley Shipp), as well as some great action and effects. The only downfall to this episode is the average villain they throw in called the Atom-Smasher, who I already forgot about. There’s nothing to define him.

Overall, this is another really good episode that plays to the show’s strengths and ignores its weaknesses, but I can’t help but feel this should have been the Season 1 finale. It really felt like this was the ending to the first season, especially when a BRILLIANT cliffhanger happens at the end that feels like the story-arc for Season 2 (more on that in the fun notes!). But regardless, The Flash is back and I’m happy to have him around.
Grade: B+

Fun Notes (SPOILERS!):

-Jay Garrick!!!!!!!! I can’t WAIT to see what they do with him! It’s going to be interesting to see how multiple universes work in this show.
-Cisco is still annoying and Snow still isn’t much defined, but at least they don’t take up too much screentime!
-Barry gets his dad out jail. So sweet! That pulled my heartstrings, it was great closure.

-Speaking of that, what is Thrawne/Wells’ plan? Why did he help Barry by confessing to his mother’s murder? Something’s up. We’ll have to see what they have in store.

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