The Flash “The Darkness and the Light” Review

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The Flash “The Darkness and the Light” Review: Welcome (Back?) Dr. Harrison Wells.

Dr. Harrison Wells from Earth-2 has now met our heroes and it’s up to them to determine if he wants to help…or if he’s like the Wells/Zoom of their Earth and is up to something sinister. This offers a completely interesting story that involves questioning who you can trust and trusting yourself.

Barry and the gang are still working on fixing the problems caused by the breeches from Earth-2 (and possibly other Earths) and that includes defeating Zoom. In order to do that, Dr. Wells may be key and his intelligence is valuable to Team Flash-even though there are some wounds his face opens up in this Earth. Along with Wells, Jay Garrick is back and must overcome some differences between him and Dr. Wells in order to help. This is really thrilling and fascinating, as the new Wells is a bit heavy-handed, but consistently correct: he is not Zoom. He is not our Dr. Wells. There should not be a reason to doubt him, but yet there is thanks to his Earth-1 counterpart.
This all sounds like it could get confusing quick, but what’s impressive is how well it’s all balanced. Nothing is confusing and it all gets very easy to follow. This Dr. Wells is not the same Dr. Wells we knew, nor is he Zoom in disguise.  I’m impressed that not only is this show is doing something like this but is also doing it this well. It’s taking risks that other shows wouldn’t touch and succeeding at it.

We also get some nice down-time with the characters with Barry and Patty’s first date (squeal!). I’ve been wanting them to go out since she stepped on screen and it was both funny and charming, especially since Barry has to deal with the handicap of being blind after fighting Doctor Light, who’s Earth-1 doppelganger is an ex-girlfriend of Barry Allen. The theme of looking back at the past to get towards a better future is not only in the parallels between the two Earths, but is complemented in Barry’s first date with Patty vs. this week’s villain. Barry and Patty are perfect together and seeing their first date (and kiss!) was really sweet and very special.

Cisco’s powers are also becoming more relevant as he can track down Dr. Light and Zoom-if only he can learn how to use his powers correctly. Giving the comic relief character this ability and plotline was a great idea and I’m beginning to warm up to Cisco because of it. He’s no longer the big annoying character, but a viable aspect of Team Flash, which I like a lot.

The Flash is still fun, still amazing, and has my attention 100%. I want to know what’s going to happen with the Earth-2 Wells and the breeches, yet I’m also invested in the internal stories, like Barry and Patty’s relationship. This season is going strong and proving why this show has the fanbase that it earned.

Grade: B+

Fun Notes (SPOILERS!)

-Dr. Snow/Jay Garrick-didn’t see that one coming! It’s cute, but I need to see more.
-The Wells v. Garrick conflict is great. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

-I like the name Vibe. Very fitting.

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