The Good Place “What’s My Motivation?” Review

The Good Place “What’s My Motivation?” Review

While this episode of The Good Place started off a little slow for me, it did pick up in the end. This episode sees fake Eleanor trying to win back the favor of the people in the neighborhood that she has wronged. This would help her overall score and further prove to the judge that she belongs in the Good Place. Meanwhile, Michael discovers both that Jianyu and Janet are married and that Jianyu is actually Jason and does not belong in the Good Place either.

Some of the funniest moments of this episode involve Jianyu/ Jason and Janet. The conversations are so funny and strange, and Michael’s reactions make them even funnier. Jianyu is confused and keeps acting as though Michael is Janet’s father. He doesn’t understand most of what is happening and is blissfully ignorant. We finally learn how Jianyu died and a little bit more about who he was on Earth. Michael can’t take it anymore and sets off to reset Janet. After Eleanor works hard to get the favor of the people in the Good Place, she ultimately decides that she can’t stay there in order to belong there and must leave. Eleanor, Janet, and Jianyu jump a train to the medium place, where Janet and Jianyu can hide from Michael and Eleanor can seemingly escape judgment and exile to the Bad Place. It seems odd that Janet never mentioned it before when Eleanor commented that she is a medium person multiple times and asked her about the Bad Place.

Overall, the season is shaping up well. The characters and stories are still engaging. They are finding new ways to keep the story going and not seem repetitive. I can’t wait to see what happens next week in the Medium Place with Eleanor, Jianyu, and Janet.

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