The Good Place “Flying” Review

the good place

The Good Place “Flying” Review

Eleanor continues to hide her true identity as chaos continues to disrupt the neighborhood. Tahini, in all her goodness, decides to organize a group to help clean up the mess in the neighborhood. As part of Eleanor’s lesson, Chidi volunteers them both for the project, making Eleanor miss out of the opportunity to fly. Of course, she can’t remain good for long, and ends up ditching her trash and trying to fly. As a result, it begins raining trash and out of guilt, she ends up cleaning by herself. In a dramatic turn of events, at the end of the episode, she has a note slipped under her door that says she doesn’t belong.

While Eleanor is struggling to be good, Michael is helping Chidi to try to find a new hobby in The Good Place. He spent his whole life writing a book on ethics and Michel tries to encourage various other activities. When none of them stick for Chidi, he tells Michael he doesn’t want to find a new hobby but instead wants Michael’s help in fixing the book he spent his life working on.

This episode was great because we got to see the selfishness of Eleanor through both her actions in the Good Place as well as her actions as a human. The reassuring thing is we do see the Eleanor is capable of change, so there is hope after all.The burning question of this episode is obviously, who knows Eleanor’s secret and how will this play out for her in the end?

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